A Pretty Boring Update

Be warned, this one is a yawner...

I forgot to post Brynlie's 4 month stats from last week... yeah, I know, no one cares about this but me, so you can skip down to the next section.

Weight: 14 lbs 0 oz  50%
Height: 26" 95%
Head: 16.25" 74%

Kennedy's 4 month stats:
Weight: 12lbs 12oz 50%
Height: 25" 75%
Head: 16" 49%

I think it's interesting that an extra inch in growth on Brynlie puts her in the 95th percentile for height. And it's amazing they're so close in stats because I swear Kennedy was always small. But maybe she slowed down on growth? We'll see what Brynle does.

She's also started rolling over. She does it her from her back to her tummy, hangs out there for a minute, then gets super pissed she can't roll back over. It's super fun for me...

And remember how I said we were going to wean her off of being swaddled? yeah... that didn't happen. So now that she's rolling we've had to cut her off cold turkey which means she's basically up all night crying. Again, it's super fun...

Kennedy is LOVING preschool. The girl has completely done a 180 and now won't even give me a kiss goodbye without being totally embarrassed. It's been so nice to drop her off and not worry about her being upset. She goes right in and has a great time. Yay!! I also can't tell you how comforting it is to me to have my mom right there in case anything ever goes wrong. Not that I'm super paranoid, but if we ever had an earthquake or some kind of disaster, she's not alone.

She's also taken a sudden love for nursery. He favorite leader was released (waaaahhh!!!) but she's still having a wonderful time. She asks almost every day if we can go to church.

Did I mention we started finishing our basement? And by "we" I obviously mean Cory. He's almost got all the wiring done and we he can start on sheet rock next week hopefully. It also means I'm basically a single mother until this whole project is done. Except for Sundays, then I am married again, which is good; I wouldn't want anyone getting any funny ideas.  It's a huge undertaking but it'll be so nice to have it finished. Our goal is by Christmas, but... it's just a goal.

I am so excited for fall and cooler temperatures. It's been super rainy and colder here this past weekend and I've been relishing it. Knowing Utah it'll warm up a bunch, then snow. So I'v gotta take what I can get. If anything exciting actually happens to me I'll be sure to let you know ;)


4 Months

I feel like this past month Brynlie and I have finally bonded. That's a huge deal. She's been much more pleasant and happy and has started laughing quite a bit. It will instantly put me in a good mood. In fact, her and Kennedy will sometimes just bust a gut laughing at each other for no apparent reason. It makes me excited for when they can actually play together.

Brynlie is eating 5 ounces every 3-4 hours.

She sleeps through the night and then will randomly wake up and want to eat some nights. Sometimes the binki can get her to go back to sleep. My new goal is to start letting her cry it out if the binki doesn't suffice.

She's still swaddled at night, too, but we're going to start weaning her out of that this week.

She's reaching for things and grabbing them and gets so excited when she succeeds.

She hates being left alone. She needs to be where the action is at all times.

She's outgrowing her 3 month size clothes a bit and is wearing 6 month size PJ's.

She's in size 1 diapers but I changed to size 2 for her next shipment.

She needs a nap about every hour and a half to 2 hours and still has to be moving to fall asleep.

She's very talkative and loves to sit and just coo at people.

 And because we have a computer now, here's a video of her loving on her sister.


Exciting News...

I have exciting news...

The Hunters have officially acquired themselves a computer!!! I cannot overstate my excitement on the matter. We have not had an official computer since we were married. Well, at least one that wasn't ancient and ran slower than a snail in glue. Blogging will finally be easy and enjoyable. Shout praises!

Because of the pain blogging has been, I am once again in need of catching up. So here we go:


Our little Kennedy started preschool last week. I cannot even believe it. I was a nervous wreck all morning because she does not have the best track record being left new places without me or Cory. But I tried to suppress my anxiety and make it a special day for her. We had her favorite protein shake for breakfast and she got to wear new clothes. She was so stinking excited to take her "kack-kack" (back pack) and go to school. I mean, look at this girl, would ya?

We arrived and saw Grandma (who happens to work at the same school, which is naturally why this preschool was selected) and walked down to her class. She went right in and grabbed a chair and then started crying when we said goodbye. My push-over-mommy-ness kicked in and I sent Cory and Brynlie away and stayed with her for about 15 minutes. She started participating and having fun so I decided to try and leave. Her teacher said she did wonderfully. The second day was a little rougher, she wanted me to stay again and when I left I could hear her screaming down the hall. But she got over it by the time I peeked in on her 15 minutes later. She had some tough times off and on that day but her teacher said it was short. Over time she will get better at it. She sure seems to like it so far.
This picture kills me. Could she be any cuter carting that thing around?
 Showing off her school work.
She also started another round of speech this week. It's called talking-time and it's held once a week. When we went to do the initial evaluation she wouldn't say a word. But her first day was held right after preschool and she was insanely talkative. I'm excited to see the positive outcomes these two things will have on her communication skills.


It was time again for the annual Hunter family camping trip. We decided to go up to fish lake this year. We found a pretty decent camp site, but unfortunately both girls woke up sick the morning we left and I caught it while there. It was also during a cold weather spell so it was FREEZING the first day and in the 30's at night. I've had more enjoyable camping experiences, but Cory and Kennedy had fun so that's what matters. Camping with a baby is pretty sucky. I can't wait until next year when I can take the girls and do something fun with them. Babies are kind of a wet blanket. The boys fished and we got some time on the four-wheelers. Kennedy loves riding them but wouldn't wear her helmet so she didn't get to ride much this time. Little stinker.
These two are awesome. And we're cold.
 She was as filthy as could be. So bad in fact that she had to have a shower when we got home instead of a bath, much to her disliking.
 But she's still cute, dirty or not
 I don't know why, but this picture melts my heart. She looks so big and like such a little happy camper.
 Funny story about her hat... when she first got it, she refused to put it on. She HATED it. But now we had a hard time getting her to take it off. If fact she insisted on wearing it to the park the other day.

We found some gorgeous camping sites up another canyon and decided we needed to go back and stay there instead. But we need to go when it's warmer and when the kids are a little older.


And just because she really is an adorable baby, here are some updated pictures of Brynlie


Current Favorites

I follow a lot of different kinds of blogs; fitness blogs, running blogs, recipes, make-up, etc...

One thing I love about them all is many do a monthly favorites post where they talk about their favorite things they've been using or doing that month. I don't change things up enough to do it monthly, but I thought a favorites post now and then when would be a fun idea. So, here we go.

1. Tommee Tippee Pacifier 
As with everything with her, the whole binki process has been difficult with Brynlie. She gets so dang fussy and wants something to suck on but then doesn't like the many binki's we've tried. I'm probably throwing all kinds of jinx on myself for posting this but so far, she seems to like the Tommee Tippee pacifier. It's the same brand as her bottles so I'm hoping she likes it because it's similar to those. She keeps it in for more than 5 seconds and doesn't act irritated when we put it in her mouth. I'm hoping she will continue to like it. But so far it's the current favorite.

2. Label Maker 
I'm an organization freak and we recently cleaned out our storage room and organized it all so that almost everything is in a plastic storage bin. But how do you know what is in each bin? Pull it out and look inside? Nope! (Sarcasm) I figured this was the perfect opportunity to finally get myself a label maker. I am obsessed with it. I seriously want to label everything. It's taken a lot of self control not to. Well, almost everything...

3. Target Clearance 
Kennedy got spoiled today with clearance sales. How is it even fair that she has cuter shoes than I do?

4. Coconut Flour
Mmmm coconut flour. I've recently switched to this and I love it. My favorite recipe to make with it is coconut flour pancakes. They're delicious, fluffy, and sweet, especially with fresh strawberries on top. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. I'll get a recipe up soon.

5. Tangle Teezer 
Kennedy has long, gorgeous hair. But it gets tangled easy and trying to brush it out is torture for both of us. I swear my neighbors are going to call CPS on me one day with how much Kennedy screams. After learning about these nifty little brushes at Sephora I knew I had to have one. FYI, don't get it at Sephora. You can get one for half the price on Amazon. Anyway, they get the tangles out quickly and with less pain and I have never regretted buying it.

6. Homemade Makeup Brush Cleaner 
I hate cleaning my make-up brushes. Like, a lot. And the cleaner is expensive and annoying. I knew there had to be a better way. Enter: Pinterest. I found a homemade make-up brush cleaner recipe and decided to give it a go tonight. It's just a cup of warm water, and a tablespoon each of liquid dish detergent and vinegar. I dipped the bristles in the cup, stopping at the base of the handle and then scrubbed it out on my cleaning glove. HOLY. CRAP! My brushes have never been so clean. No joke. It got all the residual makeup out of them super quickly and efficiently. I was giddy with excitement. Go try it. It'll change your life.

Also, another favorite is the glove I use the wash my brushes. You can get a super fancy, similar glove from Sigma for $35
That is, if you're a crazy fool who likes to waste money...

I was just using my fingers until I walked past a very similar silicon oven mitt at Wal-Mart for $4! It's waterproof and textured and cleans my brushes like a dream. I love it.