What Happened?

I've been going back through my blog and reading posts from the time Kennedy was born to remind myself how life was when she was little. There's so much I forgot about and it's fun to see how the girls are alike and how they're different.

But one thing has been increasingly obvious to me as I've been reading; I used to be good at blogging. I didn't just keep updated, I wrote about important things, thoughts, feelings, testimonies, and trials. I wrote funny stories and was actually kind of entertaining. So.... what the crap happened?

I don't at all want to try and play up some kind of sob-story that I'm having a hard, traumatic time in my life. But I have been through a lot in the last year and that's evident in my blogging. It's like my writers spark has been blown out, like my blog has taken a back seat while I've dealt with every thing else going on. It made me sad. I used to enjoy writing so much. And now it almost feels like a chore.

I've made a lot of goals for myself the last little while and I realized that I need to add blogging more frequently and passionately on to the list. Maybe it's because I haven't had very many baths in our tub recently, (that thing seriously gives me inspiration, all my best posts have been concocted while sitting in that thing) or I just need to get over things and get back to writing regardless, but it's now on the list. I've cried wolf with this goal before, but I'm really going to give it my best effort. I don't want this blog to be stagnant after years of effort.

So, happy reading. And feel free to throw out any topics to write about ;) 

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