Shrimp Tacos

If there's one thing I'm a sucker for at restaurants, it's good fish tacos. I don't care what kind of fish, just load up the taco and send it on over. I freaking love them. This about sums up my feelings:
Last night we were supposed to have cod fish tacos but I was in the mood for some serious crunch and carb-loaded goodness. So I decided to sub the cod with some butterfly shrimp. Thanks Smith's for selling these beauties
Any who, I googled a sauce recipe and we were on our way. I wasn't too hopeful that they were going to satisfy my craving for a good shrimp taco but it couldn't taste bad, right?


Oh my freaking crap, these were amazing. They easily rival restaurant tacos and I haven't stopped thinking about them since. I. Am. Obsessed. I mean, don't these look mouth watering??
My photography skills need some work.

So, like any good blogger, I've decided to share the recipe with you. Brace yourselves; they're insanely quick and easy.

Crunchy shrimp tacos 
Small, thin, corn tortillas
A bag of crunchy butterfly shrimp
Fresh Pico de Gallo
Shredded Mexican blend cheese
Raw coleslaw mix

1/4 cup sour cream (we used plain greek yogurt)
2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro
1/4 teaspoon cumin
Juice and zest from one lime
Salt to taste

Bake shrimp according to package directions.

While shrimp is cooking, mix the sauce ingredients together and set aside.

Wait 15 minutes while your tummy rumbles and the shrimp smell consumes you.

Finally, the shrimp will be done. Pull off tails of shrimp and place all ingredient in the tortilla (not the shrimp tails, duh!)  If you really need me to explain how to place the delicious items in the tortilla you shouldn't be eating a taco.

Enjoy and join the club I'm starting to promote shrimp tacos every night for dinner.

You can put anything you want in them really, the world is your oyster. But I promise you won't be disappointed.



Saturday Survey: Name Your Favorite

In an effort to find more blog topics, someone suggested doing blogger surveys for people to get to know me. I'm pretty sure everyone who reads this already knows me, it's not a popular blog, but I thought, what the crap. Today's title: name your favorite....

1. Place: Moab. That's a no brainer. Followed closely by my bed.
2. Person: my mom
3. Color: blue for wearing, red for my Utes, and mint is also creeping into my favorites category.
4. Food: oh gosh, I can't pick. I love French fries, Mexican food, spicy mustard at Asian restaurants, and the Pasta Di Vinci at the Cheesecake Factory. Just to name a few.
5. Smell: freshly mowed grass, rain, the mountains, and clean laundry. Also new baby smell.
6. Book: The Book of Mormon
7. Movie: Ready to be geeked out? Tron, Gladiator, The Lord of the Rings series, The Holiday, Bride Wars, and Lilo and Stitch.
8. Music artist: I think Hans Zimmer is a musical genius. Everything he composes is beautiful, moving, and just leaves me in awe.
9. Genre of music: well, probably country. But it gets old and I bounce around between genres.
10. Genre of literature: the hot and heavy romance novels. Haha kidding. Probably suspense.
11. Magazine: I can't remember the last time I read a magazine. So let's say Runner's World since that's all I have saved. I did use to read that one a lot.
12. Texture: minky fabric is amazing. So is the skin on the inner side of my husband's bicep. Its so soft! To eat, anything crunchy always wins my heart.
13. Time of day: after the kids are in bed. I love them and all, but let's get real, those couple precious hours are the only time I get to feel like a human.
14. Day of the week: any day Cory has off is my favorite.
15. Thing to do when bored: research products and watch Netflix
16. Drink: honestly? Water. How boring is that?
17. Animal: I adore monkeys, and meerkats are the cutest freaking things I've ever seen.
18. Flower: fire and ice roses
19. Time in history: I'm not much of a history buff but I enjoy learning about World War II.
20. Font: comic sans <--- not really. I have no idea.
21. Video game: Mario Kart on N64. Old school, baby. 
22. TV show: I can't pick one so, The Office, Parks and Rec, Grey's Anatomy, Arrested Development (before the horrible new Netflix episodes) The Big Bang Theory, and Gilmore Girls. Oh and the Simpson's. Duh!
23. Sound: Kennedy's gut-busting laugh. Also silence is pretty golden.
24. Fruit: kiwi, peaches, and blueberries will have to take a three-way tie.
25. Vegetable: the potato, native of Idaho, has always been a staple in my diet. I've never met a form of potato I haven't liked.
26. Store: For food, Costco. For clothes, Uptown Cheapskate or Old Navy. For workout clothes, Lululemon or Under Armour. For kids clothes, Old Navy or The Children's Place. For all things crafty and homey, Hobby Lobby.
27. Article of clothing you own: my Big Cottonwood Marathon hoodie. Its the most comfortable, best fitting hoodie I've ever owned.
28. Fashion/style: I really don't care much about fashion. I lay around the house in t-shirts and basketball shorts, I love a good pair of jeans and a hoodie or cute top... that's as far as my fashion goes.
29. Workout: I love running and boot camp
30. Quote: I can't pick a favorite so I'll leave you with some Yoda: Do or do not, there is no try.
31. Boys name: Logan. IF there is a 3rd child, it had better be a boy this time so I can finally use this name.
32. Girls name: I truly don't have one
33. Potato chip flavor: bbq! Which is funny because I hated them growing up.
34. Meal of the day: dinner is usually pretty amazing But the phrase, "Lets go to lunch" is also near and dear to my soul.
35. Ice cream flavor: chocolate. Just plain chocolate. 
36. Soda: I haven't had soda in 7 years but I used to drink Coke and Mountain Dew ALL. THE. TIME.
37. Season: all BUT winter. But even winter has its pretty moments.
38. Month of the year: I hate January and February. I've got nothing against the rest of them. 
39. Word: decrepit
40. Disney princess: Ariel was my favorite growing up so let's go with that. Even though she dresses like a hussy and her wedding dress was hideous.
41. Cuss word: bastard.
42. YouTube channel: I like Jaclyn Hills channel and anything with funny animals and Jim Brewer (sp?) I'm too lazy to Google his name. But he's hilarious.
43. Eye color: blue is great. Brown also has its benefits 
44. Memory: I wouldn't say this is my favorite, but I LOVED when my mom would make chocolate pudding on summer nights and we would go out in the yard in our jammies after the sun went down and roll and play in the grass and eat pudding. 
45. Dessert: Chili's molten chocolate cake. OMG.
46. Candy: Sweet Tarts, Nerds, and Reese 's Peanut Butter Cups.
47. Restaurant: Cafe Rio, Rumbi, Cheesecake Factory, Olive Garden, P. F. Chang's, and Best Burger.
48. Thing to learn about: anything fitness related
49. Thing about yourself: my ability to eat an entire large pizza on my own.
50. Thing about your spouse: his ability to still love me despite #49. 


It's What Fun Is

Today was the annual Hunter family Lagoon day.

I was a little nervous, for obvious reasons. Little kids and babies make things much harder. I was determined to have a good time no matter what but mentally I had prepared myself that just about anything could happen and I needed to be ready for it.

Last night Kennedy started getting really whiny and clingy. She came down with a mild fever and was up crying probably 7 times throughout the night. She acted ok this morning with some ibuprofen so we decided to take her and see how it went. We could always leave if we needed to.

Let me just say, we had a total blast. Brynlie was amazing the whole day and so was Kennedy. I am so proud of my little girl.  She just turned 3 and not a single ride scared her. We were even on the front row of Bombora (a roller coaster) which can be a big deal for someone so little and she loved it. We hardly got to ride any big adult rides the whole morning but we didn't care. We had so much fun with each other. I was telling Cory's mom that the idea of fun changes when you become a parent. Not that riding the big crazy rides isn't a good time, but it wasn't the same as sharing those moments with Kennedy and watching her experience everything for the first time. That was so much fun to us.

We rode all the rides on the north side of the park and decided to head to Chili's for lunch instead of eating at the park. We all ate a ridiculous amount of food and while we were there a storm blew in. When we returned to the park we made it on 2 little rides before it started downpouring. I haven't seen rain like that in a while. The temperature dropped 30 degrees and we all got cold and wet. Rain and cold weather, of course, was the one thing I did not plan for. We ended up buying Kennedy an oversized hoodie from a gift shop to keep her warm since the entire park sold out of rain ponchos in minutes. We hung out for a couple hours in the picnic terraces hoping the rain would stop but it never did and we finally made the wet, cold, mad-dash to the car to go home.

We were super bummed we got rained out before we got to ride anything on the southern end of the park but we still had so much fun together. I sure married into an awesome family.
Kennedy and grandma got to ride the octopus ride together. Kennedy shielded her eyes from the water, so it looks like she's flipping out, but they had a great time.

 Lagoon has this new kiddie ride called red rock rally. Um, hello?! It's SO our kind of ride!! It was adorable little Jeeps with the names of Moab jeeping trails on the side and bumper stickers you could buy at any Moab gift shop on the back. So as you can imagine, Cory wanted to take her on it and I have way too many photos of it. But I don't care. It's amazing.

 Our freezing beauty in her giant hoodie. The thunder we heard while being held captive in the pavilion was the only thing that scared her.
 Cute Brynlie, who deserves a medal for sitting in that car seat all day.

 The tea cups!!

 Space Scrambler
 The carousel was the last ride the family got to ride before we had to find shelter. I was hiding out with Brynlie under the overhang of a game booth at this point because it was already coming down pretty hard while they rode it.

 Family selfie. These are such great people, you guys. Seriously.
We can't wait to go back with two little beauties giggling and having a great time.


Body Image

Obviously another goal I've set for myself is to get back to prepregnancy weight. It's only been a couple months but I've learned so much already through this journey. Maybe someday I'll blog about the huge changes our family has made in our diet and emphasizing the importance of not just watching TV but being active and laughing and playing together, but I don't want to get into it too much right now.

I want to get back into shape for me and my personal reasons, but I've also had the example I'm setting for my girls in the back of my mind throughout this.

Kennedy watches me like a hawk and absorbs and copies just about everything I do. She learns the majority of her life-education through me and it won't be long before Brynlie joins the party. What lessons am I teaching them? What are they learning through their mother about body image and self worth?

The world is full of horrible examples of what a woman should look like in order to feel good about herself. Society crams down our throat that we need to look like Victoria's secret models in order to be sexy and desired. Our self-worth is tied way too much into how we look. I was reading a conference talk last night before bed that was talking about the influence of mothers on their children. One paragraph really stuck out to me:

"It is, unfortunately, all too easy to illustrate the confusion and distortion of womanhood in contemporary society. Immodest, immoral, intemperate women jam the airwaves, monopolize magazines, and slink across movie screens- all while being celebrated by the world. The Apostle Paul spoke prophetically of "perilous times" that will come in the last days and specifically referenced something that may have seemed particularly perilous to him: "silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts". Popular culture today often makes women look silly, inconsequential, mindless and powerless. It objectifies them and disrespects them and then suggests that they are able to leave their mark on mankind only by seduction - easily the most pervasively dangerous message the adversary sends to women about themselves."

There was also another line that read, "they also perpetuate in their own minds the fallacy that a woman's value is dependent solely upon her sensual appeal. This never has been nor will it ever be within the righteous definition of a faithful daughter of God."

My girls will grow up being bombarded by these messages just like I was. It will be my job to teach them otherwise. I will have to teach them that their self-esteem should NOT be tied up in what size jeans they wear, but in how they treat others, how they serve those around them, and how they use their education to strengthen their relationship with God. Am I living what I will be teaching them?

I believe there is a fine line between desiring to be in shape and healthy and letting it consume how we view ourselves and who we are. I want my girls to know that being healthy and active is important to me, but it's not THE most important thing to me. I make sure to never put myself down in front of them. I never want them to hear their mother put someone else down for any reason. I want them to know that eating healthy is a lifestyle we've adopted and continue in order to better our health and avoid illnesses and cancers but they don't need to beat themselves up for having birthday cake or a donut every once in a while.

Most importantly I want them to know that they are daughters of God who will love them regardless of what they look like. That's something I've come to learn for myself and wish to emulate for them. I want my daughter's to have a confident mother to look up to. I'm obviously not perfect at it, but I'm really, really trying. I hope they can watch me overcome my imperfections and accept myself and better myself so they will know how to do it with themselves when the time comes.

Being a mom is so, so scary. There's so many things to teach and 90% of those lessons are by example. It's a daunting task but it's also my greatest blessing. I have so much to teach them but at the same time, they are teaching me so many things as well. I want to continue being a good example for them and helping them understand where their true worth lies and how to feel good about who they are. I want to raise happy, confident children. Here's to hoping I can be successful.

Baby B's Best Pics

Brynlie is adorable. I mean seriously, her little face sometimes makes my heart skip a beat.

Balloons! Or As Kennedy Says, "boo!"

Having a summer baby kind of sucks. Bear Lake was the only fun thing we've done besides an occasional trip to the zoo. In a last minute effort to change that we've done two fun things in the last week.

Last weekend we went to the hot air balloon festival in Sandy. We didn't go see them launch because let's get real, they launched at 7 am and ain't nobody got time for that. But we went to the night festivities where they blew them up and we watched them glow in the darkness. It was really fun to watch them set the balloons up. They've really got it down! Kennedy loved seeing them and it was nice to get out and actually go to bed after the sun went down.
Balloons glowing 
 My favorite first born child 
 So much cuteness in my life it's unreal 

 My little cuties in front of a balloon in the process of being inflated 

Yesterday my parents and I took the kiddies to the county fair. It was hot and we got sunburned but we had fun. Kennedy and I rode all the rides she was big enough for. She loved them! I took her on a ride that's just like the scrambler at Lagoon. I was worried she was going to have a fit but she had fun. Which is saying a lot because that sucker was FAST!!! It was much worse than the Lagoon edition. I could barely hold my head up and I was so dizzy and sick afterward. It was nuts lol. We have a Lagoon day coming up next week so I'm even more excited for that now.

We rode rides and saw elephants and bears and then got too hot and hungry to care to be there anymore. But it was fun while it lasted.


What Happened?

I've been going back through my blog and reading posts from the time Kennedy was born to remind myself how life was when she was little. There's so much I forgot about and it's fun to see how the girls are alike and how they're different.

But one thing has been increasingly obvious to me as I've been reading; I used to be good at blogging. I didn't just keep updated, I wrote about important things, thoughts, feelings, testimonies, and trials. I wrote funny stories and was actually kind of entertaining. So.... what the crap happened?

I don't at all want to try and play up some kind of sob-story that I'm having a hard, traumatic time in my life. But I have been through a lot in the last year and that's evident in my blogging. It's like my writers spark has been blown out, like my blog has taken a back seat while I've dealt with every thing else going on. It made me sad. I used to enjoy writing so much. And now it almost feels like a chore.

I've made a lot of goals for myself the last little while and I realized that I need to add blogging more frequently and passionately on to the list. Maybe it's because I haven't had very many baths in our tub recently, (that thing seriously gives me inspiration, all my best posts have been concocted while sitting in that thing) or I just need to get over things and get back to writing regardless, but it's now on the list. I've cried wolf with this goal before, but I'm really going to give it my best effort. I don't want this blog to be stagnant after years of effort.

So, happy reading. And feel free to throw out any topics to write about ;) 


2 Months

Brynlie had her 2 month check up this week. Its not really fair to compare sizes with Kennedy since Brynlie is almost 3 months. The doctors office was super booked. But she's definitely bigger! It'll be fun to compare their 4 month stats since it'll be more accurate.

Weight: 12 lbs 6 oz, 50th percentile
Height: 24.5" 90th percentile (he told me 95th % but the chart says 90th so we'll go with that)
Head: 15.5", 50th%

She's tall! She's grown 3.5 inches since birth. What the crap?

She's healthy and her head is healing nicely. I can't get over her perfectly beautiful face or her smile, especially when she sees me first thing in the morning. She also laughed for the first time last night while watching Kennedy. We love her so much!


30 Seconds

I ordered pizza tonight for dinner for the first time in a long time.

I knew it was a bad idea nutritionally. But I had no idea just how bad things would get in the 30 seconds it took to talk to the delivery man.

I had left Brynlie on the counter in her bouncer and Kennedy was happily sitting next to her waiting for food. I had answered the door and was handing the man his money when I heard a sickening scream come from Brynlie. I closed the door and ran back up to them. Everything was just as I had left it, only now Brynlie was almost purple in the face, she was screaming like I have never heard, and she had real tears.

I picked her up to soothe her with no luck. I tried to feed her with no luck. She would not stop. It wasn't until then that I noticed the guilty look on Kennedy's face.

To make a long story short, Kennedy had pushed in Brynlie's soft spot on her head. Brynlie was hysterical, and she had a huge dent in her skull where I could see her pulse pumping like mad. When I felt the indentation I got so sick to my stomach.

I instantly called her doctors office and amazingly someone was still there after hours and they said to bring her in. I hung up the phone and called my mom to watch Kennedy and completely lost it. I was crying so hard my mom couldn't even understand me. In my mind, Kennedy had just stuck her fingers in Brynlie's brain and I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was I had a very upset child who would not eat or calm down. I did a lousy job holding it together. A minute ago We were excited for pizza. Now we were in panic mode and rushing to the doctor.

30 seconds. That's all it took.

I drove like a maniac sobbing to my parents while Kennedy excitedly pointed out things on the way oblivious to what she had done. I was so mad at her and also felt so upset with myself for being mad because she didn't get it. She had no idea how bad this was.

I explained the situation to my parents and after freaking my mom out, left for the doctor.

On the way I called Cory to tell him what was happening.

I arrived at the doctors office with a tear stained face and swollen eyes but Brynlie had settled down and was acting normal besides the huge hole on top of her head. My blood pressure started to come down a bit as we waited our turn.
The doctor examined her and said that Kennedy had pushed forcefully enough that she had caused some of the bone "plates" to overlap each other. Sure enough, there is now a slight ridge on her head where that occurred. He said it's even possible she may have fractured her skull. Both will heal on their own and correct themselves as her bones fuse together over time. He also said it's unlikely there was any damage to the brain but told me what to watch out for in case there was.

So far She has been in the clear and she drank her bottle just fine before bed. But the poor thing has a sore head and probably quite the headache. He applied slight pressure to her head in various places and each time she cried, so I know she's hurting.

I tend to fly off the handle but when it comes to my babies who I would do anything for, that is to be expected. It was scary and not the evening I had planned. I am so glad Brynlie is going to be ok and that I don't have a brain damaged child. Since I'm not a physician, I instantly assumed the worst haha. But when your baby is that upset and has a dent in her skull, what else do you assume? Ugh! I was terrified. Even though I kept telling myself it would be ok. I sure love that little nugget.

I came home drained, ready for bed at 7:30, and took my feelings out on the forgotten pizza.

And when I say I ate my feelings, that is an understatement.

I ate the whole damn large pizza...

...in what seemed like 30 seconds.



So let me lay down some facts for you...

Yep, I gained a lot of weight this pregnancy. I know it, the world knows it, end of story. Crap happens.

I didn't "let myself go" or give up on caring about taking care of myself. In fact, I had a strong desire for a healthier pregnancy this time. Due to circumstances beyond my control, that didn't happen. Life happened.

Besides not being able to control what was happening to me while growing Brynlie, I had another worry that haunted me since week 9.

I have always loved running.

But after the horrible, excruciatingly painful half marathon that helped determine the whole miserable course of the pregnancy, I became afraid of it. Something I loved so much had put me through hell and had left a wake of destruction in its path. I felt betrayed. I felt like I failed my body somehow. I was upset.

I missed it so much and yet every comment from friends about being able to run again just scared me. Maybe I was more afraid of the possibility of never being able to run again if my ligaments never healed. I'm not really sure what it was. But the whole concept was a tender subject. I tried to be supportive of friends in their running journeys but it was difficult.

I was also terrified to begin working out again. I had no idea what was going to happen, how my body would react, and now I had 40 extra pounds weighing me down.

Luckily, working out has been amazing and therapeutic. I needed it as a way to release frustration and anger about what was happening with Brynlie. I always come home much happier and a better mom. It's my drug.

It was a challenge at first, no doubt about that. Any stabilizing exercise made my ligaments hurt, and still does, but over time it's getting better and better. I can feel myself getting stronger and my body is slowly, slowly starting to heal itself from the horrible 9 months it had.

But I hadn't officially tried running yet. I had done a little here and there when it was part of my workout, but it was never for more than a mile and it was hard on me. I was really worried what was going to happen if I tried to do more than that.

Last week I bit the bullet and officially tried a 3 mile run on the treadmill. It was agonizingly slow, I had to take walk breaks, and it left me extremely sore in the ligament region. It was not good. But I kept telling myself it was a start, even though I was worried to try again.

I've had another 3 mile run down on my weekly exercise plan twice since then and both times I have chickened out and ended up doing other cardio.

Today I had planned another run. I had dreams about it all night, and I awoke with this ridiculous sense of determination to just get it done, no matter what. Even after possibly breaking my pinky toe last night and being woken frequently from the pain I downed some ibuprofen, taped the toe, and got on the treadmill.

Friends, it was euphoric. No, It wasn't easy. Yes, I had to take walk breaks again. But not nearly as often as I did last week and my last mile was strong and at my usual pace before getting pregnant. And best of all, there was NO ligament pain. None!! Praise the heavens!!

To say that I needed this was an understatement. Yes, I'm suffering for it now with my toe swelling and aching like who knows what, but it was worth it. And it was even on the treadmill. I HATE the treadmill. I finally feel like the running fire has been lit beneath me again and that there is hope of me continuing to run from here on out. I can only get stronger, right?

I feel like that's been the theme of my battle to get back in shape. Its been hard, it's been slow and steady progress, but it has been happening and it's been worth it.

I want to be clear about something. I am NOT ashamed of my current body. I'm not afraid to see people and I don't try to suck in or hide that I got bigger. I had a freaking baby. I know getting back into shape takes time and that it will happen, but hating myself until then won't do anyone any good. I am who I am. My body changed, but who I am as a person hasn't. I'm still Megan. I'm still me. And regardless of what the scale says, I will always be me. And I will always love who I am.

Aspiring to be healthy is a lifestyle change for me, not a destination. I love exercise. I love running. And I love feeling good about what my body can do. I'm so glad that today's run was such a success. I would have had a very hard time losing this hobby of mine. I still plan on taking it slow and steady, but I feel like I have a part of me back. And I love it.

Playing Catch Up


I am embarrassingly behind on this poor, neglected blog. so, I'm going attempt to play catch up in one giant post. Here we go.

Brynlie Turns 2 Months

I can't believe what a different baby she is now. It's unreal. She is so much happier and easier. It's a good thing because I'm pretty sure I would rather have died than endure another week of it. I don't know if the medicine helped her reflux or if she was colicky and is growing out of it, and I don't care, I'm just glad she's happy. She's still waking up once at night, usually early in the morning. She smiles and coos all the time, loves watching her big sister, and loves cuddling with daddy. She's in 3 month size clothes and chunkier than Kennedy was at this age. She's eating 4 oz every 3 hours still. I'm also getting more used to what each cry means which is helpful because she does cry when she's tired. She kind of fights sleep. She loves her swing and has to be watching what is going on around her.

Isn't she a beauty?

Bear Lake

We had a trip planned to Bear Lake with my family over the 24th of July. I was nervous about camping with two kids but also so excited to get away and camp!! It wasn't as hard as I expected so we ended up having a great time. We played at the campground, rented wave runners for a day, went to Minnetonka Cave, and of course ate raspberry shakes and basked in the cooler weather. I took Kennedy out on the wave runner a couple times and she loved it. She also loved being a beach bum which was a big improvement from last year's visit when she wouldn't even go in the water. Brynlie slept the whole time, and Cory and I beat the crap out of our bodies being way too rough on the watercrafts but having so much fun. I envy those who get to go to Bear Lake several times each summer. It is by far my favorite lake in the state.

 Brynlie got an embarrassing amount of attention in the cave. Every group we passed was a chorus of, "Oh look at the little baby!" It made me laugh.

We had a great time and can't wait to go back.

Potty Training 

Kennedy is officially potty trained!! And it was actually kind of easy. The week before our trip, Cory and I decided to leave her naked one day and see what happened. She peed and pooped on the floor multiple times and I told her I was giving up and we would try later.  I put a pull up on her and sat down to watch tv. About an hour later she came to me without any diaper on all excited because she had peed in the potty. Sure enough, she had! And she did it again a little while later. It took a few days to get her to get used to pooping but after that she was all set. It's been so nice but for some reason she thinks she is incapable of pulling her own pants up. So she parades around the house half naked with her pants around her ankles until I pull them up for her. I'm also required to come and see her poopy each time she delivers one to the sewer system before it's flushed away. But whatever, we're no longer paying $90 a month for diapers and wipes. Just one kid in diapers. Yay!!!