Kennedy Turns 3!!!

Holy crap, Kennedy is 3 years old. Three, people! She is pretty much my most favorite person ever. The girl has so much personality and generally is so happy. Here's some facts about her:

Still eats like a bird. She loves grapes, strawberries, cheese, yogurt, fries, eggs, and milk. She gets really excited about pizza but hardly eats it.

Talks up a storm but is still hard to understand. She doesn't put the consonants on the end of words. She will continue speech when school starts.

Loves playing with other kids and coloring.

Likes Curious George, Super Why, horses, dogs, cars, trains, planes, kitties, and her sister.

Still not potty trained. We're slowly working on it.

Starting to sing more and more songs without getting embarrassed. 

Loves to help me out whenever she can. A lot of the time I don't even have to ask. For example, when I empty the dryer she will push the laundry basket of clothes to whatever room it belongs so I can put it away. 

Is obsessed with her daddy. 

Still loves to watch The Polar Express any chance she gets. 

Takes great care of Brynlie. 

Loves getting dirty, being outside, making people laugh, and being the boss. 

We had her party at Liberty Park with our families. Unfortunately the day was a disaster for me, but everyone else had a great time. And most importantly Kennedy had a great time. She was spoiled of course. We sure love our little princess. 


First Haircut

Kennedy has had the longest, prettiest hair. I've had a desire to cut it for a while now but couldn't bring myself to do it. Well, it finally started to get a little ratty and difficult to do so I caved and yesterday we took her to Cookie Cutters to get it trimmed. She obviously didn't dig it.
In fact she melted down when the girl pulled out the blow dryer and it got a little intense. But all ended well. I tried to get before and after pictures but she didn't cooperate well so they're not that great. I love her hair cut though. It looks cute and much healthier. And I can use a comb on it without making her cry. Yay!
We cut a good 3-4 inches off. Pretty amazing when she just turned 3.


Our journey with Brynlie has been a battle, but we've finally started to have some good moments with her. She's pretty happy in the morning and she's been flashing her adorable smile when we talk to her. It melts my heart.

Family Hike

We finally invested in our own child carrier hiking pack in March and I've been dying to use it. So as soon as we were able, we headed out on our first family hike with 2 kids. We decided Donut Falls was the perfect ground breaker for such an occasion. Brynlie slept the whole time and Kennedy had fun seeing the water fall and playing with dirt. Cory's brother Jason and niece Hailey came along for the fun. We enjoyed being outdoors and got fried in the process. At least my shoulders did. Oh well. We can't wait to go again.
Cory with his girls before we left

 There's a baby under that blanket, I swear.