Quick Update

1. We're all moved back home!

2. Our house is a disaster and probably will be for a while. We have so many boxes to go through.

3. A huge, heartfelt thank you to those who helped move us. We couldn't have done it without you.

4. Kennedy is still super adorable. She's taking on this big sister thing like a champ and loves her sister.

5. Brynlie is still Adorable but such a hard baby. I don't think she's colicky, unless there's such thing as a mild form of it (is there?) because she doesn't scream for hours, but she is always fussy when she's awake and does scream a lot. I'm praying for this to end soon before I go insane.

6. We're at the stage where it feels like we'll never have a normal life again. Bedtime is 9, wake up at 7 and do nothing but take care of kids all day. It'll get better, I know from experience. But this stage kinda sucks.

7. Brynlie will be a month old this week. Holy crap. She's getting big. And chunky.

8. Cory is amazing. I don't ever want to know where I would be without that man. He is one of a kind.

9. I cried when my mom left yesterday because I already missed her. And she cried when she got home, too. We're completely ridiculous because I live 5 minutes away.

10. It feels good to be home. The first thing I did was take a hot bath.

Happy fathers day!

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