Look Up

If you haven't seen the "Look Up" video that's trending online right now, you need to. It's about how addictions to social media are making us anything but social. We're spending all this time being robots on our phones and tablets talking to people who don't really care, robbing us of time with actual human interactions with those who mean the most to us.

I've felt for a long time now that Facebook is a total waste of time. I'm extremely picky about who I add on instagram since it's only pictures, and that has still been worthwhile as far as keeping up with friends who don't live close. But Facebook has been something else entirely. It is so commercialized. I find myself wasting so much time each day checking it to see almost nothing of significance.

Instead of friends posting about themselves, in most cases it's been shared news stories or articles, videos, games, and giveaways. I've seen superficial, fabricated and down right childish posts that should never be discussed on the internet. It hasn't all been bad. I've enjoyed the personal posts, the pictures of friends, and the occasional sales of products I like that I otherwise wouldn't have known about. But it has distanced myself from others because all I have to do is check my phone to see what my friends are doing rather than actually speaking to them and I've hated it. We are truly the least social generation ever.

Each time we get together with our families, the majority of the time is spent with us sitting in the same room, hardly speaking, while everyone is lost in their tablet or cell phone. And we're all usually ignoring the tv that's on as well. It's sad. But we haven't said or done anything about it because we're all guilty of the addiction.

I look around at church during meetings and a large number of people are surfing Facebook and the internet, tuning out the lessons and the spirit, missing out on things that could be vital to their lives. I think distraction is a huge tool Satan is using these days. He's cleverly distancing us slowly and surely from the things that are most important, like the family.

Technology is generally a good thing but it can also be very dangerous. I think we've reached the dangerous point in our society. The video mentioned above helped me to really see how bad it really is. So did the article, "Dear Mom on the iphone". That one really makes you see perspective. Google it.

That's why I've made a new goal with myself. I am drastically limiting my Facebook usage for now and possibly deactivating it, depending on if I feel like the major step back has made a big enough change. Or if the temptation to check it sticks around and I fall back into the habit of mindlessly checking it. My goal is once every couple days, then once a week, then nothing at all. I will keep my instagram account and will be updating the blog more for those who don't live close, and for journaling purposes. Instead, I will be spending more time interacting with my loved ones and sharing moments that will last forever. These days will go by fast and I don't want to miss them.

I'm actually really excited about the change. I'm ready to shed the robot inside me and become a human being again and show Kennedy that she means more to me than my phone time.

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