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I promise my lack of blogging hasn't only been because of laziness. My phone won't publish any posts I write with pictures. So I'll forget that, spend all this time writing a post, try and publish it, and then realize it won't work and I'll have to rewrite the whole thing again on my kindle if I want to publish it, which I never have the energy to do. Plus my stupid phone won't save it to the internet server so I can't just log on and publish it elsewhere. To say I'm missing my iPhone is an understatement.

Alright, so here I am rewriting another post for y'all. I have some updates for you and some pictures even. Go me.

This is the only belly picture I'm approving for the blog and it was taken a couple weeks ago, but that's ok. It was almost 33 weeks.
I was starting to feel less fat than I was with Kennedy but with the recent swelling I've had that is no longer the case.

I had my 34 week appointment yesterday and we scheduled a tentative induction date for May 22. There's still so much in the air though that I can see that changing. My blood pressure was high again, he won't start checking me until 36 weeks, etc. And who knows, maybe my prayers will be answered and she will come earlier on her own haha. Ok, that won't happen. I will kill someone if he starts checking me and I'm not dilating. I need this baby out of me! May 22 is about 10 days early which is amazing, but Cory has to work Memorial Day which is 4 days after that so it isn't ideal. He could get it off but I'm making him work because holiday pay is too much to miss out on. So whatever happens we'll make it work.

To add to the craziness our renters are expecting their house to be done the end of May which means we can move home around the first of June. I'm so excited to move home but also terrified because I have no idea how I'm going to pack and move and unpack with a 2 week old baby. I won't even be healed by then. So it'll be an adventure and probably a humbling lesson for me in learning to lean on people and not do everything myself.

I've also gotten a lot of questions about speech therapy. Kennedy starts next week. Finally. But she only comes once a month and only does it until she turns 3, so I don't know how helpful 3 visits will be at this point. But there is a group therapy class offered 3 times a month that the therapist can recommend for her instead of one on one. We may be interested in that since she will get more services out of it. We'll have to wait and see how the first session goes. In June she will be assessed to see if she qualifies for preschool so if she does, the speech will continue through that when school starts. We shall see.

And lastly, we had a wonderful Easter weekend. Cory had the weekend off so we spent lots of quality time together as a family. The weather was fabulous, too. Saturday we went with my mom to Temple Square to see all the gorgeous flowers. Kennedy wore herself out running around pretending to be Elsa, making frozen stairs and running up them singing "Let It Go" at the top of her lungs everywhere we went. It was freaking adorable. I could watch her play pretend all day long. We had a great time enjoying the flowers and sunshine.

Sunday we went to church and we actually got Kennedy an Easter dress this year. She was so excited to wear it!! She looked freaking adorable but we only stayed for sacrament meeting because I can't sit for 3 hours anymore and there's a ton of kids in our neighborhood with RSV and I didn't want to risk nursery. I felt bad because she really wanted to go. But it's ok. I tried to get a picture of her at home and this was the smile she gave me haha
Then I tried a picture of her candidly and this is the best I got
Hello blurry. Anyway, after church we went to spend time with Cory's side of our family and Hillary was able to get this heart-stoppingly adorable picture of her with the giant dog Hillary got her
We had fun eating lunch and playing games. Kennedy always gets so spoiled by them. I love it.

Then we had dinner and an egg hunt with my side of the family. Kennedy was really into it this year. It made it even more fun. She's quite the little egg-hunter.

So that was our weekend. Cory also had Monday off and we spent the day at Wheeler Farm and being outside as much as humanly possible.

We have so many crazy and exciting things coming up I feel a little stressed out with it all but I am also really excited. People keep trying to prepare me/freak me out about having two kids and I'm not at all worried about it. I'm sure I will be blindsided by some things but I know what having a newborn is like and it's nothing compared to how awful this pregnancy has been. Bring it on! As long as I can get treatment for postpartum depression this time then I'll be set. We're ready for more adventures!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter. And I promise to make this blog more entertaining when I'm done growing humans inside of me.

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