Getting Closer

My doctor appointment went as well as I could have hoped today and yet I still cried during and after it. I mean the tears just kept coming. I hate not being in control of my emotions.

So anyway, after embarrassing the crap out of myself and talking with my doctor, here's the scoop:

He told me I didn't need to be suffering through the pain and that Lortab is ok to take when I'm really suffering with the pain as long as I'm not popping it all the time. Sing praises! Best prescription ever. I plan on taking it on nights I hurt badly and days I know I have a lot to get done like cleaning or grocery shopping. Or any other time I'm brought to tears. I foresee those instances increasing as the weeks progress though.

He said a standard vaginal delivery is possible. So if it's a smooth delivery then I won't be needing a c-section. Another bit of good news.

And the best part of all, he said he'll start checking me at 36 weeks and if I'm dilating and everything is favorable he can start me a couple weeks early to get rid of a few weeks of torture. I really started crying and said that would be amazing! So now it's time to pray that I dilate.

My blood pressure was higher today and I've had some cramping. I had preeclampsia with Kennedy towards the end and I'm worried that's rearing its ugly head now, too. So if that gets bad It's possible the baby could be even earlier. We'll see though. Gotta take it 2 weeks at a time for 6 more weeks then take it from there.

Here's hoping time continues to fly by. This amazing weather is really helping even though I can't do much to get out and enjoy it. It still helps make me happy.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go watch Frozen with Kennedy for the 100th time in a week.

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