Peeping Tom

I set my goals Sunday night to get my butt in gear.

It's Wednesday and I finally got around to it. No biggie.

Today I decided to try the prenatal yoga DVD I ordered. I had spent the morning vigorously cleaning and decided my body needed something low key. Aka, something lazy.

I think most yoga DVD 's are a little "earthy" for me but pregnancy ones are so bad they make you look around the room in embarrassment even though you know you're alone. How could you not with phrases like, "put a hand on your heart and the other on your growing baby and feel the connection between the two."?

Anyway, due to my house cleaning I was already a tad sweaty. Lets face it, I get that way just walking down the hall. So I decided doing prenatal yoga in my underwear was a great idea. I hate laundry that much that I'll risk a disaster in order to avoid washing another article of clothing. 

So there I was, a fat, pregnant monstrosity, hardly wearing anything in the middle of the living room alone, contorting in ways no one should ever see. I felt ridiculous and was so glad no one could behold this spectacle.

But then suddenly I had the distinct feeling I was being watched...

My mom was busy painting, and Kennedy was outside. Who could possibly...?

I had these thoughts as I was turning toward the back window wondering where it was coming from....

And then I saw it....

My peeping Tom....

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