New Leaf, Again

I know I've cried wolf before, but I'm hoping this time is the real deal. I've been sitting around feeling sorry for myself and getting really down and I finally figured out why that is. Afterward I put together a game plan to help me snap out of this funk and I'm setting some new goals to help keep me sane and happy.

1. I'm going to exercise again. No, It won't be at all to the caliber I'm used to, due to the soccer ball in my stomach, but something is better than nothing. I've stopped completely and the lack of any exercise I know is the main contributor to my feeling bad for myself and being down. I ordered two prenatal work out dvds on Saturday. One is yoga and the other just said prenatal work out. But I plan to do each one once a week, swim one day a week, and hopefully make it to the gym two other days a week for some strength training. I hate how weak I've become. No more excuses. Something is better than nothing.

2. I'm going to take more pictures. I rarely snap photos any more.  That's going to change. Watch out, instagram followers ;)

3. I'm going to make others feel good about themselves. No more "woe is me" crap. Time to focus on others.

4. I'm going to blog more. Even if it's pointless.

5. Spend way less time on electronics and more with my daughter.

I think 5 goals are good for now to help me start realizing that my life isn't over until the baby comes and that it's possible to get through hard times with a smile on my face. Bring it!

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