2nd Trimester Down...

This pregnancy was just screaming by until I hit 20 weeks. That was the magic number that made time stand still. I mean reeeeeeaaally stand still. It's been a little tortuous. But on the plus side, I am officially 2/3 done with this. 3 more months to go. Or less if I die before then. Haha I kid, I kid.

So below is my documentation of the second trimester. I apologize it's mostly negative, that's really how things have been. But with the warm weather and perfect blue sky today I'm going to try and be positive about negative things.

-This pregnancy has been so rough on my body and the second trimester was no exception. When I ran the half marathon at 9 weeks, my doctor thinks I tore ligaments in my lady parts. As the baby has gotten bigger, that has started to hurt worse and worse. I am in constant pain but lots of pain at night especially when I try and roll over or get out of bed to pee at night. I'm also carrying a lot differently with this baby, much more forward and bigger, so it's killing my back. It starts out ok each morning and then by mid afternoon I'm achy and by night time it's usually impossible to stand for more than 5 minutes. I bought a support belt that has helped wonders but it's a bit bulky and accentuates fat in areas that aren't ideal, but it's been a godsend. Third, my ribs HURT!!! I know I had pretty bad rib pain with Kennedy I just don't remember it being quite this intense. Maybe I just forgot :) but either way, my ribs kill. Badly.
-I had intense heartburn with Kennedy all the time and this pregnancy hasn't been quite as bad, thank heavens. It's there, and getting bad enough I need to start avoiding tomato based foods, but it's manageable.
-I'm still tired all the time. That's due to a few things but my bedtime is rarely past ten and sometimes I end up crashing in the middle of the day without meaning to. The plus side is I've been sleeping pretty well at night in between bathroom visits and Kennedy interruptions.
-I had my first real intense craving where I just HAD to have something and it was sour Skittles.
-Cory has been able to feel her kick a few times now. Kennedy has no interest in trying to feel her. Maybe someday.
-We have 3 names in the running to name this little bean but who knows when we will decide. It was the same with Kennedy and I finally just had to stand up and say,  this is her name!! Cory is so noncommittal I'll probably have to do the same thing with this baby. I'm getting tired of her being baby no name.

We're very ready for the end to come quicker rather than slower for lots of reasons. I'm getting excited to snuggle and have her here. I'll post a picture soon I promise. I was going to take one today but didn't. More to come.

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