This has been such a crappy winter. I would rather get more snow every week since we really need it than put up with this horrible, horrible air quality. Plus sickness has been in full force this season. As a result, we've hunkered down and have become hermits. I finally decided enough was enough though and talked to Cory about maybe putting Kennedy in some kind of lessons so we can get out of the house and have something to look forward to.

Given her dare devil, crazy squirrel personality we figured gymnastics would be the perfect fit. Today was her First day, a free trial class to make sure she would like it before we settled on it. Holy crap!! She LOVED it!!! She got to climb, jump, swing, do somersaults, crawl under things, ride scooter boards, jump in the foam pit, play musical instruments, stretch out, and just have a total blast. Classes start the First week in February. We're really excited.

I took way too many photos, but I want to remember this day when she gets a scholarship for gymnastics haha jk.

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