It's A.....

Before getting pregnant with Kennedy I had a very emotional dream about a sweet baby boy.

Before and during this pregnancy, that dream has returned.

I have been much sicker and carrying so differently this time I wondered if we were having a boy. Actually, I thought I had a feeling it was a boy.

While getting nursery ideas on Amazon, I somehow accidentally ordered some decorations for a boys nursery that shipped in record time. Oops.

At our 13 week doctor appointment he told us he thought it was a boy but couldn't guarantee it since it was still early. The nurse said she's only seen him be wrong twice. That seemed pretty certain.

We had another appointment just before Christmas to determine gender and were anxiously awaiting the confirmation of a miniature Cory in male form.

It didn't come.

This baby is a girl. And now the nurse has seen him guess wrong 3 times.

We were shocked and really disappointed at first. I feel really guilty about how we reacted actually. I always said I was fine either way, But we had everything planned for a boy; name, nursery, quilts, etc. So we felt like we were back at square one with planning everything.

Obviously we're ok with it now. Kennedy will have a sister and having two little girls with their daddy wrapped around their fingers gets me really excited. Although now we have to worry about this one having hair again.

And maybe this one will actually act like a girl. Only time will tell.

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