Things You May Not Have Known

If you've been on Facebook you may have seen all the posts people are making where they list things about themselves you may not have known. I've been tagged a couple times in this game and haven't participated but it did inspire me to blog about it instead. So enjoy.

1. I absolutely love to vacuum. I'm so anal about it that it bugs me to watch other people do it and miss spots.
2. When I was younger I hated jeeping. It terrified me and I would close my eyes or ask to get out of the car on hairy spots. I don't know what switched that made me love it.
3. I was in an appliance commercial in the 80's.
4. Braggy people are the most annoying type of people to me. Especially when they brag about money. If you feel the need to brag and talk about yourself constantly then we're probably not friends.
5. I cannot even remotely tolerate the smell of diesel fuel exhaust. It instantly makes me sick.
6. I love the cardboard Totinos pizzas.
7. I tried shutting God out of my life once but it didn't work. He just wouldn't leave me alone or stop loving me.
8. I get so excited to go shopping (not grocery shopping) but when I'm finally in the process I get tired fast and annoyed by other people and give up.
9. I love, love, love to make other people laugh.
10. I was taller than everyone in my class until I hit 6th grade and stopped growing.
11. I have an unnaturally powerful sense of smell.
12. I'm very good at reading people and seeing through lies. I just usually don't speak up about it because I'm way too forgiving.
13. Make fun of my family and I will hunt you down and destroy you.
14. My favorite fruit is kiwi.
15. My favorite vegetables is potatoes.
16. My favorite smell is freshly cut grass.
17. I've done my makeup the same way since high school and its not about to change.
18. I despise talking on the phone. I will go to great lengths to avoid a phone call even if it takes me 20 minutes to order my Cafe Rio online instead of calling it in. I can't explain it.
19. We own an actual 2002 Olympic torch that ran through our town right before the Olympics started. Just have to finish our basement so we can put it on display.
20. I think Elmo is the cutest kids character known to man. How can you not love him?
21. I think a Reese's peanut butter cup tastes the absolute best when eaten as soon as I wake up, before I've done anything else.
22. I don't have tons of friends because I know it's quality and not quantity that counts.
23. I've never touched alcohol or drugs in my life but I did get high accidentally off a marker once. True story.
24. I used to be a gamer. I started playing World of Warcraft to try and connect with someone I was dating and got sucked in. That crap consumes your entire life. Stay away! And it wasn't me at all. But I still remember all the nerd lingo.
25. I have an insane crush on Chris Hemsworth.
26. I have a love and passion for music.
27. I hate being late to anything. Hate it. If I'm not early I'm late and I get really crabby if that happens.
28. I don't want a lot of kids and I don't think having a ton makes you a better mother. Everyone is different.
29. I would do almost anything for ice cream.
30. I really want to learn how to snowboard.

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Amy said...

I love totinos pizza too. :)