Random Thoughts and Stuff

Our Halloween was spectacular! Cory was supposed to work but he used a vacation day so he could come trick or treating with us. Kennedy was a fairy this year and was super adorable if I do say so myself. Normally I'm not into the super girlie stuff for her but she just looked too cute to have her in anything without wings. We trick or treated around our neighborhood with some of our friends. She had a blast doing it with other kids. We did one big loop and then we were all too tired to do any more. A lot of houses in our area have a lot of stairs to climb so it was quite a workout for someone so little. She slept great that night, too.

We still haven't found renters for our home. We've had some good prospects but I think they get scared off when we tell them we're coming back. But we don't want to lie. We're not too worried about it. Cory is pretty sure his usual hours will pick up any day now, which we knew could happen when we decided to rent. We will more than likely still rent for a short while if we can find a good fit because the idea of being debt free sounds too good to us. But if we never find anyone, oh well. We tried.

I've had a couple people ask me how I'm ok with that when we felt like moving was the right choice. We did. And it may still be the right choice. Or the Lord may have other plans in mind. At this point I'm just trusting in Him and learning as we go. I feel like this time in our life has helped me learn to roll with the punches. I hate not being able to plan and have some kind of control in my life and I'm learning that doesn't always have to matter. A greater power knows what He is doing and that's enough for me. I'm just grateful for the blessings we have and the amazing friends who have stood by us. We're pretty dang lucky. And I have already learned so much.

I think I'm starting to ease out of the sickness phase of this pregnancy. I sure hope so, anyway. I still have days and moments where I feel like crap but it's less frequent and more and more foods are sounding appealing besides Pop Tarts and cup of soups. Yuck, right? And tomorrow I plan on making it to church for the first time in over a month! !

I hate being pregnant and you can expect some complaining from me but I am more than grateful for the blessing of being a mother. Kennedy is my whole world. I love her more than words will ever be able to do justice for and every single day I feel my heart swell with how much I love having her in my life. I don't know how I'm going to feel that way about 2 of them, my heart is already too full, but I am excited to make room and have that feeling amplified even more. I feel like this time around is going to scream by, so I'm trying to enjoy it while I can.

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