Pregnancy Notes

I complained a lot about being pregnant with Kennedy so I kept a pretty good record of how it went on this blog but I haven't done that for this baby much, other than talking about how tired and sick I've been. So for my own records and whoever wants to read it, I'm going to document what the first trimester was like for me.

Pregnancy up to my 14th week:

*Extreme fatigue. Not just usual pregnancy fatigue, but absolutely debilitating exhaustion. Hardly left the house from 8 weeks till about 11 weeks.
*Constant nausea and some vomiting. Usually worse in the morning right after I wake up and after I eat breakfast. Would also get a really bad spell right before going to sleep.
*Major food aversions to just about everything I used to love to eat. Nothing consistently was ok to eat, it always changed based on the day. The things that were ok to eat were terrible for me like pizza rolls, cup of noodles, pop tarts, chips, etc.
*Gained quite a bit of weight in the first trimester. I was unable to exercise due to fatigue and I was eating terrible, on top of not being able control weight gain before the baby happened.
*Already showing and wearing some maternity clothes purely for comfort reasons.
*Every single night I have some seriously weird dreams. Every. Single. Night.
*Have major pregnancy brain and keep forgetting everything.

Goals for 2nd trimester:
-Get back into exercising, even if it's just walking a lot.
-Start eating healthier foods as more foods become desirable.
-Spend more time with Kennedy.

I have a feeling it's a boy. Always have. But we'll hopefully find out just before Christmas.

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