Pregnancy Notes

I complained a lot about being pregnant with Kennedy so I kept a pretty good record of how it went on this blog but I haven't done that for this baby much, other than talking about how tired and sick I've been. So for my own records and whoever wants to read it, I'm going to document what the first trimester was like for me.

Pregnancy up to my 14th week:

*Extreme fatigue. Not just usual pregnancy fatigue, but absolutely debilitating exhaustion. Hardly left the house from 8 weeks till about 11 weeks.
*Constant nausea and some vomiting. Usually worse in the morning right after I wake up and after I eat breakfast. Would also get a really bad spell right before going to sleep.
*Major food aversions to just about everything I used to love to eat. Nothing consistently was ok to eat, it always changed based on the day. The things that were ok to eat were terrible for me like pizza rolls, cup of noodles, pop tarts, chips, etc.
*Gained quite a bit of weight in the first trimester. I was unable to exercise due to fatigue and I was eating terrible, on top of not being able control weight gain before the baby happened.
*Already showing and wearing some maternity clothes purely for comfort reasons.
*Every single night I have some seriously weird dreams. Every. Single. Night.
*Have major pregnancy brain and keep forgetting everything.

Goals for 2nd trimester:
-Get back into exercising, even if it's just walking a lot.
-Start eating healthier foods as more foods become desirable.
-Spend more time with Kennedy.

I have a feeling it's a boy. Always have. But we'll hopefully find out just before Christmas.


What I Wish I Would Have Known

It's been a night of reflection for me. Somehow taking a bath inspires either a funny blog (haven't had much of those lately, maybe I need more bubbles) or some deep thought that I probably never would have come up with without the heat and steam of the tub.

Sadly tonight's post isn't really the humorous kind. Instead I was thinking over my life since about Jr high on and started listing the things I wish I would have known then, that I know now. This post could also be titled, Stuff I Wish I Would Have Believed When My Mom Told Me.

I wish I would have believed that the opinions and judgments of the "popular" girls truly didn't matter. Trying to fit in and seem glorified and perfect was an act everyone was playing. I didn't find my husband because I was at the right parties. I didn't discover my passion for teaching by befriending a millionaires daughter. They simply didn't matter. At all.

I wish I would have had a goal for life. After graduating high school I had no idea where I wanted to venture next or what I wanted my career path to be. I wasted a lot of expensive college tuition trying to find that out.

I wish I would have bought any other car in the entire world other than my Jetta. It's only still alive and kicking today because its life goal is to make me, and now Cory, miserable. Hopefully its end is near.

I wish I would have realized that I'm talented and pretty a long time ago, and that just because someone else is too, It doesn't make me less of a person or diminish my abilities.

I wish I would have learned how to be more confident in myself in grade school. That didn't come until later.

I wish I would have realized that friends who talk about me behind my back, talk about others behind their backs, and who are frequently abandoning me to serve their own agenda are not, even for a fraction of a second, worth my time.

I wish I never would have quit dancing. Or basketball.

I wish I would have known that a man who truly respects me would never put me down or do anything that would intentionally hurt me.

I wish I would have had enough confidence and realized my own self-worth so I could stand up and walk away from such men before they raked me across the coals and left scars that took forever to heal.

I wish I wouldn't have let others make me believe I was fat. Those who put me down were suffering from their own self-hate and needed to crush me in order to feel important. I wish I would have seen how sad and pathetic they were and that their words were crap. I wasn't the one who needed to change.

I wish I would have enjoyed the newborn stage a little more. And that I had admitted I had post partum depression to myself.

I wish I would have known just how superficial and unhappy those people are who only care about money or material possessions or looking good to impress others. My self esteem doesn't ride on what everyone thinks my husband's salary is or where I buy my clothes.

I wish I would have developed a relationship with my Savior sooner than I did. I feel like I missed out on a lot of things because I never took the time to learn for myself if I believed in the Gospel until college.

I wish I would have known I would lose a close friend at such a young age so I could spend more time with her and say goodbye.

I wish Burger King never changed their fries.

I wish I knew what the Fox says.

But most of all, I wish I would have realized, long, long ago, that everything that happens to me is relevant to my life and everything that happens to everyone else is relevant to them. My experiences, trials, adventures, and passions are mine and have made me who I am. People can judge, they can mock, they can think whatever they want, but it won't change me.


Things You May Not Have Known

If you've been on Facebook you may have seen all the posts people are making where they list things about themselves you may not have known. I've been tagged a couple times in this game and haven't participated but it did inspire me to blog about it instead. So enjoy.

1. I absolutely love to vacuum. I'm so anal about it that it bugs me to watch other people do it and miss spots.
2. When I was younger I hated jeeping. It terrified me and I would close my eyes or ask to get out of the car on hairy spots. I don't know what switched that made me love it.
3. I was in an appliance commercial in the 80's.
4. Braggy people are the most annoying type of people to me. Especially when they brag about money. If you feel the need to brag and talk about yourself constantly then we're probably not friends.
5. I cannot even remotely tolerate the smell of diesel fuel exhaust. It instantly makes me sick.
6. I love the cardboard Totinos pizzas.
7. I tried shutting God out of my life once but it didn't work. He just wouldn't leave me alone or stop loving me.
8. I get so excited to go shopping (not grocery shopping) but when I'm finally in the process I get tired fast and annoyed by other people and give up.
9. I love, love, love to make other people laugh.
10. I was taller than everyone in my class until I hit 6th grade and stopped growing.
11. I have an unnaturally powerful sense of smell.
12. I'm very good at reading people and seeing through lies. I just usually don't speak up about it because I'm way too forgiving.
13. Make fun of my family and I will hunt you down and destroy you.
14. My favorite fruit is kiwi.
15. My favorite vegetables is potatoes.
16. My favorite smell is freshly cut grass.
17. I've done my makeup the same way since high school and its not about to change.
18. I despise talking on the phone. I will go to great lengths to avoid a phone call even if it takes me 20 minutes to order my Cafe Rio online instead of calling it in. I can't explain it.
19. We own an actual 2002 Olympic torch that ran through our town right before the Olympics started. Just have to finish our basement so we can put it on display.
20. I think Elmo is the cutest kids character known to man. How can you not love him?
21. I think a Reese's peanut butter cup tastes the absolute best when eaten as soon as I wake up, before I've done anything else.
22. I don't have tons of friends because I know it's quality and not quantity that counts.
23. I've never touched alcohol or drugs in my life but I did get high accidentally off a marker once. True story.
24. I used to be a gamer. I started playing World of Warcraft to try and connect with someone I was dating and got sucked in. That crap consumes your entire life. Stay away! And it wasn't me at all. But I still remember all the nerd lingo.
25. I have an insane crush on Chris Hemsworth.
26. I have a love and passion for music.
27. I hate being late to anything. Hate it. If I'm not early I'm late and I get really crabby if that happens.
28. I don't want a lot of kids and I don't think having a ton makes you a better mother. Everyone is different.
29. I would do almost anything for ice cream.
30. I really want to learn how to snowboard.


Game Time

The moment has arrived. We finally found someone to rent our house.

It's amazing how the Lord works. These guys are the perfect fit. With Cory's hours coming back we didn't want to be gone a year any more. Then this family called and the husband was transferred to Utah for work from Idaho and his family needs a place to live until they find one of their own. They said they would be about 6-8 months. That is perfect!!

One of my biggest worries about this whole thing was having the baby at my parents for so long. If they're really only here 6 months we'll be back just before the baby comes or shortly after which is perfect!!

We feel very blessed to have this opportunity and to find a family we feel good about who knows they're only here temporarily. We had some nice families look before but they wanted us to change things (like my beautiful new blue front room...heck no!) Because they wanted to stay a while. This will be great.

We have a lot of work to do before we can move out for good Thanksgiving week. We're moving all nonessential furniture this weekend to our "storage unit" (aka, our basement) this weekend and we'll move in with my parents right before Thanksgiving.

I was 6 months pregnant when we moved into our house and I remember thinking I was so glad I would never have to do that again. And here we are: ) maybe even moving twice this pregnancy! It's all good though. Bring it on!


Random Thoughts and Stuff

Our Halloween was spectacular! Cory was supposed to work but he used a vacation day so he could come trick or treating with us. Kennedy was a fairy this year and was super adorable if I do say so myself. Normally I'm not into the super girlie stuff for her but she just looked too cute to have her in anything without wings. We trick or treated around our neighborhood with some of our friends. She had a blast doing it with other kids. We did one big loop and then we were all too tired to do any more. A lot of houses in our area have a lot of stairs to climb so it was quite a workout for someone so little. She slept great that night, too.

We still haven't found renters for our home. We've had some good prospects but I think they get scared off when we tell them we're coming back. But we don't want to lie. We're not too worried about it. Cory is pretty sure his usual hours will pick up any day now, which we knew could happen when we decided to rent. We will more than likely still rent for a short while if we can find a good fit because the idea of being debt free sounds too good to us. But if we never find anyone, oh well. We tried.

I've had a couple people ask me how I'm ok with that when we felt like moving was the right choice. We did. And it may still be the right choice. Or the Lord may have other plans in mind. At this point I'm just trusting in Him and learning as we go. I feel like this time in our life has helped me learn to roll with the punches. I hate not being able to plan and have some kind of control in my life and I'm learning that doesn't always have to matter. A greater power knows what He is doing and that's enough for me. I'm just grateful for the blessings we have and the amazing friends who have stood by us. We're pretty dang lucky. And I have already learned so much.

I think I'm starting to ease out of the sickness phase of this pregnancy. I sure hope so, anyway. I still have days and moments where I feel like crap but it's less frequent and more and more foods are sounding appealing besides Pop Tarts and cup of soups. Yuck, right? And tomorrow I plan on making it to church for the first time in over a month! !

I hate being pregnant and you can expect some complaining from me but I am more than grateful for the blessing of being a mother. Kennedy is my whole world. I love her more than words will ever be able to do justice for and every single day I feel my heart swell with how much I love having her in my life. I don't know how I'm going to feel that way about 2 of them, my heart is already too full, but I am excited to make room and have that feeling amplified even more. I feel like this time around is going to scream by, so I'm trying to enjoy it while I can.