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This is kind of premature to post when we still don't know what's up with me yet, but maybe I can answer a few questions.

In March I started to feel really tired all the time. My stamina level while working out dropped significantly and regardless of exercise and a healthy diet, I began to gain weight and I couldn't stop it or lose it.

I kept blaming it on other things." Oh it's just the change of seasons. It's just because I had my IUD out and my body needs to level out." But over time, nothing changed and I was still steadily gaining weight. I went back to my family doctor and he was zero help. I wondered if it had more to do with unbalanced hormones than my thyroid so I made an appointment with an endocrinologist. I should have done it sooner because she was scheduled months in advance. By the time I got to go see her, I was already pregnant. I knew that was going to mess with things, especially if it was all hormonal.

I went to the appointment anyway and explained my whole history from when I had Kennedy up until now. She ran my thyroid levels again and they came back normal. They have always been normal but my thyroid has always been really big and the symptoms are all the same as hypothyroidism.

I asked her about hormone imbalances and she said since I'm pregnant there's nothing they can do until after the baby.  Joy.

She also ordered an ultrasound on my thyroid to see why it is so big. I have that next month. Once again, it was scheduled way out in advance. So we don't know what's up.

Until we get it figured out I'm trying my best to not freak out. I don't think it's anything serious but being so incredibly tired and gaining weight so rapidly has been a little challenging to deal with. Ok, the exhaustion has been hell and the weight gain worries me that I'll be gigantic by the time this baby comes. It's a very real possibility.

I can just tell that things aren't normal. I haven't felt normal or good for a long time now, at least not without the help of medication that I don't want to be dependent on. It has worried me as far as how healthy this pregnancy will be but I have faith it won't cause any problems with the baby.

So that's the basic idea right now. We're running all the tests we can to see what the deal is and will probably continue to do so after this baby comes, too. I have 2.5 more weeks of my first trimester and I can't wait to get back to just being really tired instead of being incapacitated. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this one way or another and get my body working normally again.

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Amy said...

If you're interested, call The Health Spot in Sandy. It's the homeopathic place I went to. They do biomeridian testing and can figure out what's wrong with you without invasive tests and can treat it all with supplements that you can take (for the most part) while pregnant. Ask for Pam and tell her that I sent you. Might be worth a shot and you can get in a lot quicker and they do take some insurances.