So it turns out that blogging moments after you decide a huge life change isn't the best. 

I'm not sure I explained things really well in my last post. Not that our finances are anyone's business, because they're not, but I've gotten comments from both ends of the misinterpretation spectrum. I can only imagine what people are assuming.

We are preventing a financial crisis by renting, not trying to get out of one. We haven't screwed ourselves over so badly that we're almost losing our home. We're doing ok. We could stay in our house if we wanted, getting by but being stressed out and worrying about Cory's job all the time. Or we could be proactive and just fix things now before they have the potential to get bad. That's what we're doing. 

But why moving? Why did we pick that? 

That's a valid question. 

Cory had heard rumors here and there of full hours returning but it was all hearsay. We gave it a good 6 months to see if that would happen and it hasn't yet. Rather than wait around and keep wondering, and due to some recent changes in my health and a future increase in medical bills (to be discussed in another post) we had some options to choose from that we had discussed. 

1. Cory could find a second job. But that is almost impossible when his schedule changes every week. As I mentioned before, finding a different job isn't an option for us either. We're way too happy with working for Rio Tinto. Finding anyone in the valley to rival them would be extremely difficult, even without his usual hours.  

2. He thought about making custom bumpers and selling them, but that meant more time away from family on his days off. But it was an option. He's incredibly talented and his first bumper that he originally made for his jeep he sold for quite a bit of money a couple years ago. We liked that choice. 

3. I got proactive with my at-home babysitting to supplement the income loss and tried to get the word out there to bring in more clients. If I had to, I could have taken more full-time child care clients and been chained to my house every day. It would have sucked, but it was a choice. I could still be with Kennedy that way. Cory didn't like this plan in the slightest because he enjoys spending time with us on his days off and that would have gone out the window. So he told me to wait on the full-time option. 

4. We tossed around the idea about me going back to work full time. But I couldn't even look at Kennedy without sobbing at the thought of not being with her each day. It would have been like taking away my sunlight. Plus daycare is expensive and would make it almost not worth it to work by the time we paid for that. That was a last resort choice. I would do almost anything before doing that. 

5. We kind of "joked" about selling or renting our house. Selling was kind of an extreme choice but after all, it's just a house, and we have plenty of equity in it that we could have sold it and been debt free. I won't lie, that option was so tempting to me. But we're not ready to leave just yet. We love our home and neighbors and the area. Renting was another choice, a riskier one since we'd be trusting strangers to take care of our house, but it made financial sense to take the mortgage burden away for a time and tackle some other finances. We just never took it too seriously. Until the Lord intervened.  

The answer just kind of hit us both, and ironically it happened on a very stressful day. Given the increase in medical bills, the fact that we still don't know how long it could be before things get back to normal at Kennecott, and various other things, it was the best choice hands down. It wasn't the easiest choice, but it's the right one. And I think it is the quickest choice. In a years time we can pay off all our debt and move back home and it won't matter if Cory has full hours again or not, we'll be living comfortably and free of all student loan and auto debt! We can easily pay medical bills and save for future changes. Not many people have parents cool enough to let them do that. We're so grateful to my parents for helping us out and letting us make a wise choice for our family while they sacrifice their privacy and peace and quiet. 

Obviously we're emotional. We love our house. We love our neighbors. We're worried about finding good renters. We're worried about driving my parents crazy and putting them out. We're worried about them driving us crazy. I'm extremely worried about not having a dishwasher for a year since their basement doesn't have one. But at the same time we're excited. It's going to end so well and we're so grateful for this chance to better our lives. This definitely wasn't a last resort choice because we had exhausted all our options. It was one that felt right and let's us still be a family. I'm very grateful the Lord knows what He is doing and for this opportunity. 

No, I'm not dying. Don't worry about me, I'm just not ready to explain what's going on with me yet. We Still don't have ALL the answers and I'd like to wait until we do before I blog about it. 

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