Wild Weekend

So there I was...

I had just sat down on the couch after doing the dishes for the hundredth time this week and was excited to rest for a minute. I could hear Kennedy playing happily down the hall. All was good. 

Then the silence was shattered by the most terrifying, sickening scream/cry I have ever heard come from Kennedy. I had NEVER heard a sound that horrible come from her before. I was off the couch and down the hall like a bolt of lightening. She was standing in the hallway, bawling, and my car keys were sitting at her feet. I wasn't sure how she got them. 

I didn't know what had happened. I grabbed her and hugged her and started looking for blood. My keys have a caribeaner on them, maybe she got her fingers pinched? But that wouldn't have caused a scream like that, would it? I didn't see anything on her that could have been the source of the pain and I kept asking her what happened, but all I got was crying. 

I hugged her again and looked at the keys. 

It wasn't until then that I noticed they were laying directly below the electrical outlet in the hallway... 

A light bulb went on and was instantly coupled with the sickest feeling in my stomach. I realized she had put a key in the outlet and had electrocuted herself. I instantly started to cry and hugged her so hard I thought her head was going to pop off. 

We then had a long discussion about not putting things in the outlets (which I'm betting she never does again) and I mentally added this incident to the top of the "worst parenting experiences ever" list. I'm lucky she wasn't injured or worse. I still feel really sick when I think about it. 

But, silly me, that wasn't the end of the weekend excitement. 

Yesterday I was at my parents house for dinner. While we were eating the kids were downstairs playing and eventually made their way upstairs. I looked over into the living room and saw Kennedy drawing on my moms couch with marker!!! 

Again, I bolted towards her and stopped her and scolded her for doing so. I wasn't sure where she had gotten the marker or why she suddenly decided to was a good idea to color on the couch. Maybe the electrical shock knocked a bolt loose. 

It was a dry erase marker which everyone says "comes out easily". My friends, it does not. We scrubbed and scrubbed and googled remedies for getting it out of fabric. One suggestion was Murphy's oil soap so we tried that. 

While I was scrubbing, I placed the bottle behind me. I must not have noticed Kennedy sneaking around because after a minute she started coughing and sputtering behind me so I turned around and saw her holding the now opened bottled of soap, and it was dripping from he mouth. The crazy butt had just tried to drink it!!!! Never has she ever done that, or even cared about cleaning supplies at our house. I couldn't believe what I was seeing!! 

I called poison control but I wasn't super worried because I was pretty sure she didn't get more than a sip. But the lady on the phone said to give her some juice and food and watch her closely for an hour. She said Murphy's oil soap contains alcohol so it could lower her blood sugar and cause her to be intoxicated. Brilliant. Yesterday she was electrocuting herself, and now she was getting drunk. 

They called back in an hour to see if she had thrown up, which she hadn't, thank heavens. But she was acting super hyper and goofy, so I do wonder if the little bit she got made her feel slightly tipsy. It was pretty entertaining. 

I won't even list the crazy things she did after that because they're normal things every child does, just maybe not back to back throughout a whole evening, but I was about ready to kill her by nights end. I'm not sure why she decided to be a nut case this weekend.  

Here's to hoping we have a better week and that she's done living on the wild side. 

And we never were able to get the marker completely out. 

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