New Leaf

I have SUCKED at blogging lately. The timing to suddenly be lazy was pretty bad as well. I had just started getting quite a few readers and then I disappeared! And I'm guessing so did many of you?

To be real and honest, I've sucked at a few things lately in life. I don't really have an explanation for suddenly dropping the ball on so much. But it's time for a change! I'm going to be a better blogger! I'm going to go to bed on time! I'm going to try and eat better! I'm going to be more positive! I'm not going to watch an entire TV series in a week on Netflix anymore! I'm going to have a life! 

My goal is to get a daily post in or at least every other day. Which means I will have to get lots better at taking pictures. My phone is going to love all the attention. 

Let's start with yesterday! 

Cory had the day off and we planned all weekend to do something fun together as a family. As we were discussing it, fate threw us a bone and the news suddenly announced that the Living Planet Aquarium was moving to their new building and Monday was their last day open. To celebrate, they were offering a free admission day. Well, there ya go! Day planned! And we had never been there before. 

I am the worst assumer in the world so I assumed that since school is back in session all over the valley, that it wouldn't be too crowded. 

I was promptly proven wrong when we were forced to stop at the stop light at the intersection where the building is and let the mile-long train of mothers and strollers, who were parking far, far away, cross the street. Kennedy even pointed and said, "Whoa!" 

Whoa indeed, Kennedy, whoa indeed. I wish I had a picture. It's what I imagine the pioneer wagon train looked like. 

If you've ever been stuck in traffic in a large city, I want you to visualize that same scene but with strollers. It was bumper to bumper with several kids hanging off of each side and an infant strapped to each moms chest in a baby Bjorne. Except for grandparents, Cory was basically the only man. It was total chaos! I also heard a unique array of names shouted at their kids, like Taylin, Jaxston, Preslyn, and Jill. 

Anyone who knows me can testify to how much I hate crowds. I loath them. Nothing puts in a bad mood faster except PMS. But I was determined to have a good time and let Kennedy enjoy the fish and displays. 

I wasn't as determined as some moms though who would throw their weight around to push past the line or attach their child in front of them and use them as a battering ram to get up to the display insisting there was room while teaching their children to be polite and telling them, "say excuse me!" It made for great people watching, which was nice since we could hardly see the animals. And if you're ever in the market for a stroller and you wonder how well it functions, just go to the aquarium on free admission day. It's like a stroller expo. 

Crowds aside, we had a pretty good time. We got to see most of the fish and Cory and Kennedy were attached at the hip. 

She's been slightly obsessed with him lately. I'll go to get her up in the morning and her first question is, "Where's Daddy?" Hi, Kennedy, nice to see you, too. But we got a couple pictures together. 
And we unknowingly were possessed at the same time. Check out those eyes! 
Speaking of eyes, wandering around a dark aquarium and then stepping outside into the blinding sun.... Not so fun. I can sympathize with vampires a little now. I think I even hissed at one point. 

We joined the mass exodus to the car and concluded that we would try and make it out to the new aquarium someday, but never, ever again on free admission day. 

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Liv said...

I happened to be in Sandy so I figured we'd check out free day, too. I stalked a mom in the parking lot for her spot and can't believe we braved the throngs of people, either. But we've been to the aquarium a million times so we had nothing to lose.

Glad you survived it!