Here's Why I Love Google...

When you decide to go camping in south-eastern Utah in the middle of the summer, and the heat fries your brain to the point of forgetting to take pictures as frequently as you normally would, you can always google them! We won't be in some of these, but at least you'll have a visual. So lets begin. 

For Labor Day weekend we went to Moab with Cory's family and some of his cousins. We chose Moab because everyone complained that we go somewhere cold each year. We definitely over-compensated for that. Absolutely no cold weather here:
The campground was all but deserted which was kind of nice, but we were the only loons trying to camp in that heat. But we made the best of it. 

We arrived at camp late Thursday night. We set up camp, fried some hot dogs, and promptly went to bed. Or at least tried. We tried to put Kennedy on the other slide out bed in our tent trailer and barricaded the edge off with our bags. She jumped around and laughed and giggled and kept climbing over the bags, almost killing herself. Annoyed, I decided to move Cory on her bed and have her sleep with me on the big bed. Again, there was much rejoicing from Kennedy. I would yell at her, spank her, ignore her, bribe her, I basically tried everything to get her to lay down and go to sleep and nothing worked. She kept kicking her legs and mashing her face into the screen windows so see what was going on outside. And she thought she was being sooooo cute. Cute stops at 10 p.m.! 

In our anger, Cory came over and in a voice that frightened me, told her to lay down and go to bed. She kept kicking and tossing. I was at my whits end at this point so we got up, in the dark, and angrily and noisily took apart our table to lay it down into a bed thinking she would sleep better there since she's actually slept there before. Things kept getting caught or messed up in the dark and cushions wouldn't fit right or the blankets got snagged. Cory and I were yelling and swearing at each other and throwing cushions around. It was quite the spectacle. Lay off us, we were tired. Finally we got the bed made and went over to the wiggly worm who had caused all this chaos and barked, "Kennedy, come here!" 

No response...


No response...

I went and shook her.

No response.

The little brat had fallen asleep, on my pillow I might add, during all the noise and fighting trying to get her bed ready. I was angry, relieved, and lets be honest, it was kind of funny. She slept there with me the rest of the trip and did pretty well considering. If was fun waking up to this face: 

Friday it was too hot to do much so we took a drive to Gemini Bridges. They're these two arches:
But the road we were on took us above the arches, so we could walk out onto them like so:
It definitely freaked me out as far as heights go. But still cool. 

Speaking of cool, it wasn't cool when we got back to camp. Are you sensing a pattern here? So we put on our swimsuits and headed to the Moab Aquatic Center. It's a super nice indoor/outdoor pool with slides and the smallest lazy river I have ever seen:
It was THE BEST pool! The water was a perfect temperature and it was clean and not crowded. 
And my husband spent a lot of time on this:
And these two had an absolute blast together:
The rest of the evening was spent at camp watching lightening all around us that never actually came over us. 

Saturday we went and hiked Fisher Towers. We started this one several years ago but we weren't able to finish it. I've been dying to finish it since, and we finally got that chance. Woot!! It gorgeous!! You hike at the base of those massive rock formations. 
Like so:
And so..
Please notice the man standing on the top of that rock. Crazy!! 

The hike is also full of just cool things. Like this:
And cool people. That's our cousin, Sam and his adorable little boy, Asher. Not pictured: the mom, Kaela. And several others. 

I was crazy and volunteered to carry Kennedy for the first part of the hike, which the majority of it was uphill. Cory had her on the way back. She never complained during the whole 4.6 mile trip. But my butt sure did after hauling her around. According to myfitnesspal I burned over 1,000 calories on our 3 hour excursion. I've never been so drenched in sweat in all my life so I kind of believe it. 
Pretty view at the end of the trail
Hiking in 90 degree weather, as you can imagine, is not kind to body odor. We all were seriously soaked in sweat and we smelled pretty darn bad. So what was our solution? We headed back to the pool again! Yay!! Again, it was awesome. Kennedy even went down the water slides by herself AND loved the shower we had after. She's hated showers her whole life. Are things looking up at our house? Let's hope!! 

Luckily the afternoon cooled off a little and we decided to try a new Dutch oven recipe that my best friend had given me.

 Experimenting with new recipes when you're feeding a bunch of people is never a good idea, but thankfully it was a heavenly recipe. The crowd when wild and I plan on making it again on our next trip. It was delicious! So good in fact I forgot to get a picture of it. I'm bad at this social media/taking pictures of your food thing. 

Sunday we had to leave and come home so Cory could work today (Labor Day). We wanted to do something fun in the morning and hang out with everyone longer but again, it was too hot. So we packed up and headed home. Leaving Moab always makes me die a little inside each time. I love that place more than anywhere else. Until next time! 


Lacie said...

Uh...I didn't know Moab had an Aquatic Center! Holy cow....I love that place even more now!!

Mike and Lisa said...

Sounds like you had fun! I am jealous of your warm weather. :)