Girls Night!!

A few months ago my good friend sent me a text saying how excited she was the Hanson was coming to town and asked if I would go with her. I was slightly confused... Hans-who? 

She educated me that the little boy band from the 90's (I say little because they were in their teens) was still around. I had no idea! I remember "Mmmbop", their hit song WAAAAAY back in the day, but I didn't know they had any new stuff. 

So like any good friend she made me a mix and I was assigned my homework for the next couple months to listen. If I was graded I probably would have been given a C-. I sucked at listening as much as I should have. I had trouble convincing Kennedy to switch from "apples and bananas" to rock music. Can you believe there's no transitional advice for that? 

Anyway, the night of the concert approached and my friend was beside herself with excitement. We both were but for different reasons. Cory worked last night so Kennedy got to go sleep at grandmas and I got an ENTIRE night kid free. That alone was amazing. But we also had dinner planned and I think concerts are awesome, even if I don't know the band too well. We actually put on makeup and did our hair and went out for our night on the town! 

We hit up La Jolla Groves at the gateway. Neither of us had been there before so we gave it a go. Also, the manager offered us a free appetizer or dessert. Um, yes! 

It was delicious. Remember that new eating clean thing? Yeah, that went out the window for the night. I had planned it that way so I didn't leave with any guilt, just a glorious stomach ache after gorging myself on lots of carbs! I didn't get a picture of the rolls. Those were orgasmic. 

I would definitely go there again. Next time I'll try something less borning than the fettuccini Alfredo. Even though it was yummy. 

Alright, so the concert was at The Depot, which I had never been to before. I really liked the feel of the venue and everyone was close no matter where they stood. The opener was Paul McDonald. I guess he was a past American Idol contestant that didn't win. I LOVED him!! His music was great and he was incredible live. There wasn't a single missed note. 
Plus he danced all crazy which made for some entertainment. My friend and I sat and listened and laughed at silly stuff. We decided it was a good idea to take a picture in the dark, immediately after a laughing fit that had us crying, and this was the best we got:
Nice, right? We're so sexy! 

Finally Hanson came on stage around 9:30 and put on a great show. I had a blast dancing and singing along to the one song I knew :) Plus it was fun to see my friend be so excited. She was in heaven! They played for almost two hours. I'll admit, I was dead on my feet by then. It's been a long time since I've stood and danced for 3 hours straight and even longer since I've stayed awake past 11. But it was well worth it! 
Everyone said the boys were so hot. I personally thought the oldest was the most attractive. I don't dig long hair on guys and he was without shiny locks. 

I did have a minor scare after the concert. It was SOOOO loud in there. In the words of the lesbians around us, "epically loud". When they stopped playing I had no hearing. You know on movies when a bomb goes off next to someone and their hearing is all muffled and they're disoriented? That was totally me! I could hardly hear anything my friend said and there was a humming and buzzing all around me coupled with muffled voices and sounds. I was really worried I had damaged my ear drums! But after we cleared out of the building it started to go away. Phew! 

We made it home just before midnight and regardless of how tired I was, my body decided it didn't want to sleep until after 1 a.m. Booooo!! 

This morning, with only 6 hours of sleep, a respiratory illness, and sacrificing the ONE day I was kid-free and had the chance to sleep in as late as I wanted, I chose instead to get up and use that freedom for a run with my best running buddy ever!! I meant to take a picture of our awesomeness but I forgot. She just had a baby so it's been a long year without her and I was so excited to hit the pavement with her again. We even plowed through the ridiculous wind blowing today which left my throat and lungs in a state. But we did it!! Go us! I'm excited to have her back. Can ya tell? 

In an unrelated matter, you need to go throw away your shaving cream right now and start using baby oil to shave your pits and legs, ladies!! Oh my crap, it's the best thing you will ever do!!! I can't get over how smooth they are each time. You know after you've shaved your legs and you suddenly get a chill in the shower or right after and you instantly feel your leg hairs poking back out with the goose bumps? It's like dooms day, right? That doesn't happen! They seem to stay smoother longer (a day or two) and you don't need lotion afterward because your skin is already moisturized. I have super sensitive skin and eczema and this causes no bumps or breakouts. I'm obsessed. Go try it. The end. 

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. GO UTES! 

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