Doubling Up

Yesterday morning started out with a run. It's finally cool enough in the mornings now that I can take this little chick with me:
Even though the stroller makes me run slower than I could speed walk. But I think I still get points for trying. And it beats waking up at 5:30 to run on our treadmill. 
Next was Kennedy's knighthood ceremony which she took very seriously 
She's been asking to watch Ice Age and Finding Nemo over and over again, even though both of them have many parts that scare her. I love the cuddles when that happens :) 

Then we went and ran errands, and during nap time I started watching this again:
I tried getting into it a few months ago and it never clicked. But Cory and I have started watching Lost at nights and I became obsessed with him: 
So obviously now I'm watching Vampire Diaries for the hot eye candy. Sometimes I have to turn the air conditioning up. 

I also made these outrageously delicious honey-lime chicken enchiladas for lunch since I was going to be gone for dinner:
You can find the recipe on the Six Sisters Stuff blog. Just google honey lime chicken enchiladas and their website will be one of the top results. I would provide you a direct link but I'm using my phone and don't know how to do that :) 
I didn't want to make 10 enchiladas so I only used half the chicken and one can of green enchilada sauce and half a cup of cream. But I used the full recipe for the marinade so there was lots leftover to mix with the sauce which is why mine looks red. It was DIVINE!!! I'm not even remotely kidding when I tell you I licked my plate clean. So I recommend doubling the marinade if you're making lots of them. But that's just me. They're incredible!! 

After Kennedy woke up she spent some time with Grandma Hunter while I went to boot camp class and I must say, I kicked freaking BUTT!! I almost danced out of the gym because I felt so awesome. It was a good day. Plus between that and the run I had a zillion calories burned that gave me a big safety net to eat lots. I wish I had time for double workouts every day. 

Then I rushed home and frantically took a shower and got ready to go play bunco with some girls in my ward. I actually won something! Check out this sweet mug:
It was also filled with CANDY! So I was one happy chica. 

I came home feeling refreshed from having a mommy break only to have Cory inform me that Kennedy broke down and had to cry herself to sleep because she was heartbroken I wasn't home to tuck her in and she wanted to know where I was. I almost burst into tears! So, so sad. 

Then all hell broke lose at around midnight last night but I will save that post for tonight or tomorrow morning.

I like to keep you in suspense... 

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