What July Looked Like

Hello, month-long hiatus! That's a long time to ignore someone. It's not a record though. I've gone much longer. I am a girl and no one knows how to hold a grudge better than us leggy chicks. But since I have nothing against my blog, apologies are in order. I sincerely apologize for not updating something that you didn't even notice wasn't being updated. 

Truth is, life has been a tad crazy around here. From our sudden move to Montana to my broken leg and on to finding out I'm pregnant with twins, I have a lot to update you on!

Ok, kidding. There's nothing quite that exciting happening. And hopefully it never does happen. But we have been keeping ourselves busy. I'll start by updating on ourselves individually and then throw in some extra bonus material for kicks. 

I get asked A LOT how Cory's job is going. The good news is, he has a job. Kennecott is done laying off employees for the time being (technically they were done a couple months ago but I forgot to update) so that's comforting news. But he's still short on hours. Until things pick up, and we're praying very hard that they do, we've learned a lot about not being wasteful and how to stretch our dollar. We've been very blessed to have everything we need each month which has strengthened our testimonies in how much the Lord blesses us and watches out for us. We've also learned what's important in life and who is important. I am eternally grateful for the friends who have stood by us and watched out for us during this time. We're doing ok and no matter what happens, we'll continue to be ok. The next question I always get asked is, "Is he looking for another job then?" No, he's not. And that's not out of denial or stupidity. The fact is, for him to get another job as good as Kennecott, we would have to move to Vernal or Mongolia or somewhere far away from family and we're not willing to do that. So we're sticking this slide thing out to the end. So that's the scoop on that. 

As for me, I am no longer working at Gold's Gym as of this week. You may be saying to yourself right now, "That's stupid! Why? Aren't you in need of money?" Yes, yes we are. Although I enjoyed my coworkers and the chance to get out of the house, a better offer came along that was more suitable for me and my family. I'm excited to be home more and hopefully not get sick as often. And to have more weekends free to actually go camping, now that summer is almost over. <---- that scares me to say it out loud! :( 

Kennedy is Kennedy. She has this special gift where she can make your heart burst with love and affection one second, and make you swear at her the next. Let's hope she grows out of some of that in the future. 

The most recent thing with her is that we took her beloved binky away last week. She wasn't a daytime binky-junky. She only ever had it at night or during naps. But we interrupted that wonderful, peaceful time and last week was rough. We felt like the worst parents in the world the first couple days and so we were suckered into spoiling her to help her through it. I had heard an idea of taking the child to Build-A-Bear and having them put the binky inside so they know it's gone but they have the bear to sleep with instead. We tried that. She put the binky in willfully and loved the bear all day until bedtime when she kept pointing at the tummy and saying "binky inside!" And handing the bear to Cory and asking him to get it out. Saddest thing ever.

She doesn't love the bear so much anymore. Plus if we're being honest, no one is going to take the place of Elmo. That little guy gets cuddled so hard every night it makes me jealous. But the bear served its purpose in her knowing the binky was gone. After about 4-5 days of no naps and screaming tantrums, she's finally accepted it and hasn't asked for it again. And naps have returned. Can I hear a "hallelujah?" 

Alright, so our other activities have included lots and lots of swimming:

And we've gotten sick every time we've gone to the water park. The worst was Kennedy getting pink eye. That was awesome. But we go anyway. 

We've spent time playing outside: 

Watching The Little Engine That Could literally over and over and over again. She is obsessed!! 
Celebrating holidays with lighting things on fire:
And there was even an overnight camping trip with my parents where she got to actually run around and be a kid in the dirt and stuff. 

"Does this waterfall make me look fat?"

So that's the gist of life at our house. Like I said, not terribly exciting. But there has been chocolate and ice cream, sometimes even together, so we really can't complain. 

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Mike and Lisa said...

Glad you survived the binky withdrawal week!!!