The Big 3-0

My handsome man turned 30 this weekend. Holy crap! For months I had wanted to plan a big surprise party for him and really go all out. But then we planned our camping trip on the same weekend and it didn't end up happening. But for Cory, camping on his birthday was just what he wanted, and that's what really matters. 

As a tribute to his aging, I want to share 30 reasons why I love him. 

1. He's very selfless. 
2. Doesn't care what people think. 
3. Incredible, devoted father. 
4. Sensitive and understanding husband.
5. So easy going.
6. Has the best laugh in the world.
7. Lets face it, he's handsome!
8. Works so hard to provide for us.
9. Loves the same things I do. 
10. Can cuddle like you wouldn't believe.
11. So talented with building things. He's pretty much a genius. 
12. Makes those around him happy. 
13. Puts the needs of others before his own.
14. Makes us laugh every day. 
15. Helps out with the dishes. 
16. Puts up with my crap. 
17. Has a good head on his shoulders. 
18. Always eats what I cook. 
19. Encourages me to be a better person and achieve my goals. 
20. Honors his priesthood and temple covenants. 
21. Always keeps his face shaved. Facial hair is so gross. 
22. Can figure out how something works within seconds of looking at it. He's a smarty-pants. 
23. Humble. 
24. Never, ever complains, even when there's a reason to. 
25. Makes pretty adorable babies. 
26. Can start a fire like nobodies business.
27. Organized and practical. 
28. Acts like a little kid and has fun. 
29. Cares about the important things in life and doesn't get hung up on material or superficial things. 
30. Makes me happier than I ever thought possible. 
We sure love you, Cory! 

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