Goals and Apps

As it turns out, I'm a pretty goal-motivated person. I'm obsessed with setting goals and deadlines and laying out a plan to get it done, I'm just horrible at executing. Until recently.

Cory and I discussed last week what we think we need to improve on individually. We agreed to make our own personal plan and get to work. Since I am also obsessed with my phone, I figured there had to be an app for goal tracking. I was right. There were lots. 

As far as apps go, I'm as cheap as they come. So I picked the free version of one that made sense and got to work:
It's not amazing, but being able to see visually on the calendar when I've accomplished my goal for the day has really helped me step it up. 

The you're-a-cheap-loser-and-only-use-the-free-version only allows you to set 3 goals at a time. I figured that was ok with me. Any more than that might be a little overwhelming. So I set to work and picked three goals:
1. Read my scriptures and pray every night on my knees. The "on my knees" portion is in caps on the actual goal description because I'm famous for the head-on-the-pillow prayers that usually end after "Dear Heavenly Father..." 
2. Exercise at least 4 days a week. Pretty self-explanatory.
3. Don't spend money on anything we don't need. 

So each day I complete my goal I get to put a dot on the calendar, like so:
It's pretty fun. I'm kicking butt in the scriptures and exercise portion. Having a date night and a spontaneous ice cream date with Kennedy messed up the money thing. But that's ok. Sometimes those are needs, but I didn't want to count that. 

I feel like such a nerd tracking and documenting, but at least it's working! Yes, I'm a dweeb. 

Speaking of dweeb, Kennedy loves to play with my phone, too. Specifically this app called Elmo's Monster Maker. She gets to create a monster and then the monster plays with Elmo and they dance and giggle and Elmo takes the monsters picture, a picture that gets saved in the camera roll. So every day or two when I go to look at my pictures I find little treasures like these:

Sometimes it makes me laugh. Sometimes it's annoying, like when she's been playing it in the car and there's 57 monster pictures to sort through. But she sure loves it. And it's been a lifesaver when she's been in a crappy mood. Thank you, Elmo. 

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