Fishy Spectators

What a good day yesterday was! 

I woke up and had my last shift at this place:

It was bitter sweet. I'm so excited to get to stay home more and keep my house in order and be able to hang out with my friends again. But I will also miss my coworkers and Kennedy getting to play some place new. She made some cute friends that I think we will both miss. 

Then I went and did my usual Thursday duties, only today included smashing one of the biggest spiders I've ever seen. Spiders are the WORST! 

I spent the afternoon chasing our deck furniture around the backyard. We had some crazy wind and it literally launched our chairs off this baby: 
But don't worry, we stored it in a safe and convenient place:

Then after Cory tinkered in the garage for the entire afternoon it was finally DATE NIGHT! As far as date nights go, we never have them. Especially lately. A couple of weeks ago we saw a KSL deals coupon for the Salt Lake County Fair rodeo and decided we needed a date night so we "splurged" on the $5 tickets. 

For some reason I thought the rodeo started at 6:00. On our way down I checked the website and it said 7:00. The sign at the gate said 6:30. While we were saving our seats (at 6:00) they announced it would be starting at 7:30. So we were just a couple hours early to this thing and had some daylight to burn at the fair. We just walked around getting hassled by the game booths and tried to get recruited into the Army by the most overzealous soldiers I have ever seen, bless their hearts.  

Anyway, finally it was show time! Since this was only my second rodeo ever, I was so excited! They started the show off right with bull riding. 
Although bulls are highly more aggressive and moody, and this was awesome to watch, I think bronco riding it slightly better. But this was only a county fair rodeo. Maybe some day I'll see the big wigs compete and change my mind. But we stilled enjoyed every minute! 

Then it was on to mutton busting. For you rodeo virgins like myself who might not know what that is, because I didn't, parents take their sweet little 4-6 year olds and sign them up to ride a sheep around the arena for as long as they can hold on. After watching this, I have a new favorite event. I lost most of my mascara from laughing so hard I was crying. It is the CUTEST thing I have ever seen. Some of those kids were not letting go for anything. Every once in a while one would get hurt and cry and then I would feel bad that I was finding this so entertaining. But at least I wasn't the parent who made them do it, right? 

In the midst of my uncontrollable giggling during the mutton busting, I glanced over at the stand next to us and noticed this:
Yes my friends, that is a lady and her goldfish. I'm sure there was a rational explanation for her companion, but it was the last thing I expected to see and I already had to worst giggles ever. That set me over the edge and I couldn't stop gut-busting laughing. I'm pretty sure I embarrassed Cory. No one else thought the kids riding sheep was quite that funny. 

There were three rounds of bull riding and mutton busting, a round of miniature bull riding, which was awesome, and some barrel racing. We had such a great time. We really needed it. 

Hopefully on the next date night I will act a little more like an adult. 

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Amy said...

My cousin's kids are champion mutton riders 2 years in a row down in West Jordan or something. They have trophies taller than themselves. Sounds adorable!