Camping, Camping, Camping!

I was raised a camper. I love 95% of the things associated with camping. Not on that love-list are:
•no shower 
•eating like crap 
•lots of work 

But really, it's mostly all worth it. There's nothing quite like leaving the pressures of everyday life, escaping to the great out doors, away from cell phone service and distractions, and just having fun with those you love. 

We got to do just that over the last 5 days. We went out with Cory's family up to the Monte Cristo area. We brought the four-wheelers, our campers, and our game faces. 

I always envy that Kennedy gets to ride in style whenever we take a road trip:

We were able to find a pretty sweet spot just a little way down the road for free. The only problem was all the dirt. Lots of very dusty, dark, fine dirt. Kennedy was in heaven
And may or may not have looked like a different race by the end of each day. 
And much to her dismay she had to be sponge bathed every night 
But she seriously loved, loved, LOVED getting filthy, gathering sticks, throwing rocks in the fire pit, and a myriad of other things that we just didn't understand. We definitely have a camper on our hands. That's a good thing. 

The major down side to the trip was Thursday morning. Cory's dad had taken his four-wheeler out for a ride. Shortly after Kennedy and I headed out and found him. He had rolled his four-wheeler and had broken his collar bone and clearly needed a hospital. So Cory's parents headed home and his dad stayed there after the hospital visit and his mom came back. We all felt incredibly bad for him because he was so excited for this trip and now he was stuck at home with a broken collar bone. I think we all felt a little guilty having fun knowing he was at home. It was sad :( 

But, we still had a good time. I attempted to get a picture with my little squirt. We got this super fuzzy one:
 Then all kennedy cared about was pushing the button to take the picture:
So I asked Cory to take one for us:
Game over. She was not having it. Oh well. 

We also learned on this trip that she has outgrown her pack and play. After waking up crying about 800 times the first night, we concluded it was probably because she was too cramped. We were right. So we let her sleep like a big kid, but we did barricade the edge of the bed to keep her from falling off. 

And look what we found at the campsite!
Too bad it's the wrong year. But it was still cool. 

Other items of note on this trip include:
- cooking in a Dutch oven for the first time. My peach cobbler was to die for!! 
- lots of campfire time 

We really enjoyed ourselves and plan on going back. But next time I'll have to pack clothes we don't care about ruining. 

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Mike and Lisa said...

Glad you guys had fun, despite the dirt!