Kennedy's Second Birthday

Our crazy little muffin turned 2!!! We had a small party this year, away from home. I learned my lesson from last year's party to make it easy and low key, and to ensure I won't have to clean my house several times. I was so glad we took the easy route! I felt like I actually got to enjoy her party. My sister was awesome enough to reserve her clubhouse and pool to have the party in.  And both my parents swam, which means it was quite a success!

We planned on swimming, getting pizza, and having cake and ice cream. It wasn't until the day before that I realized I didn't do anything cute or festive so I decided to make these Elmo cupcakes. They were easier than I expected and Kennedy sure loved them! Never mind that these were the only two that actually turned out or didn't look like Elmo had been toking...
 The morning of her birthday we surprised her with some of the gifts we bought her. It was 4 thousand degrees that day so we didn't stay outside long but she had fun.
 She loves her swing!

 I kept saying "anything goes for the birthday girl!" all day. If she wanted popcorn for breakfast, she got it. If she wanted to throw things down the stairs, I looked the other way. If she wanted to color all day, we let her. But this was not what I had in mind though...
 Thank heavens for magic erasers. Anyway, moving on, we opened presents...

 Getting her to put one exciting present down to open another one was a little difficult.

 Then we sang happy birthday...
Then devoured the cake.

 I think everyone had a lot of fun swimming and just playing with the birthday girl.

A couple days later we had a BBQ with our close friends and celebrated Kennedy and Zeke's birthdays since they're a week apart. It was 103 that day so they look just a tad hot. And upset that their cupcakes are on fire...
But they had fun, and we barely survived the heat.

I can't believe Kennedy is 2 already. It is unreal!! She is so much fun. For my own personal records I want to jot down a few things she's doing now...

*In the bottom 5% for weight and not even on the charts for weight to height ratio. She is in the 50% for height and for her head circumference.
*Throwing MAJOR tantrums. They started the day after her birthday and have been kind of intense.
*Eats about every other day.
*Has 8 teeth and three more coming in.
*Talks a lot! My favorite is when she tells us when she's poopy. She pats her bum and runs to go get changed. There's a lot that she says that I have trouble understanding but each day more things become clearer.
*She tries to dress herself and loves to have her shoes on.
*Loves to play pretend with Elmo and her doll.
*LOVES toilet paper and wipes. She will wipe her own nose or pretend to wash herself and then throw it in the potty and watch it flush down. The other day she even tried to wipe MY bum...
*Doesn't nap for a consistent long period of time. It varies between 1-3 hours. I hate the 1 hour days sometimes.
*Hates having water in her face but is learned to love swimming.
*Cleans up after herself and thinks stray hairs on the carpet is "ew" just like her mommy.
*Loves brushing her teeth and always wants to do it herself.
*Has her daddy wrapped around her finger. She's definitely a different person when he's not around. She misses him a lot.
*Still just so funny and spunky and brings sunshine and happiness into our lives.

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