The Dirty Dash

First off, I want to thank everyone for the huge response I got from my previous post. I only had two comments on my actual blog but lots elsewhere. I felt so loved :). I have more posts in the works, but I've been pretty busy lately. They will come later. So today you just get a look-what-I-did-that-isn't-that-exciting post. But hey, there's pictures! And isn't that why we all blog-stalk people? :)  

We had such a great time frolicking in the mud last year that we resolved to make participating in The Dirty Dash a yearly thing. Yesterday was year nĂºmero dos. Cory had to work ... (Moment of silence...) but I wasn't about to miss out just because he would have to, even though I missed him. 

We had a group of family members and we decided to dress up as ninja turtles. As you can see, I really lowered the bar on what constitutes a ninja nurtle costume. I had the best of intentions but not enough time. Good thing everyone else looked awesome so that I just looked like the handicapped turtle. I also would like to point out that D.I. had a very slim selection of exercise clothing that I could destroy, so my shorts were gigantic, my shoes were too small, and I actually kind of liked that tank top... But alas, it's gone forever. 

Here's our "before" pictures:

The race was awesome! That didn't come as a surprise to anyone, right? How could you not have fun being frighteningly filthy and having mud in places you should never, ever have mud? The lines were so much better than last year, I have the usual scrapes and bruises that prove I didn't hold back or wuss out on anything, and I had to wash my hair several times and my shower took me 25 minutes. All ingredients for a great time. In fact, we were just crazy enough that I know we got some awesome pictures from the photographers I'll have to try and not purchase when they're available, and we had the videographer follow us around on the second half of the course. So that will be fun to see. If I buy some, I'll have to post them. 

Here are our awesome "after" pictures. I was way dirtier than last year! 

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