Memorial Weekend

So it's Memorial Day. And before today, there was a weekend - a fun weekend - that went something like this. 

We traveled to Idaho to spend the weekend at Cory's family's ranch. 
And boy, is it beautiful in the spring! 
Another shot of the river 
We spent a large part of our time riding the four-wheelers which to our delight, Kennedy LOVED riding! 

The rest of the time was spent playing games and goofing around with Kennedy,
Taking naps
Eating lots of delicious food (pictured is homemade spicy chicken sandwiches from Wendy's. yum!)
 And just spending quality time together 
That ranch has really grown on me. And Kennedy is banana's about it as well, which makes it twice as fun. I look forward to many more weekends away there with those I love. We had a great time! 

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Anonymous said...

You are so amazing!! That looked like it was a fabulous weekend (a little better than my heat oven weekend) :) I love the stories of your lil family!! :)