Kennedy Collage

Just because she's adorable and we love her, I'm going to share some pictures of our princess with you: 
She loves her Aunt Hillary! That smile is so contagious. She looks more like Hillary's daughter than my own haha. 

We were watching Grey's Anatomy together before she went to bed. Actually, I was watching and she was pretending to go "night-night". 
Her cousins gave her this drawing desk that they grew out of and she loves it!! This girl sure loves to color! And not just on paper ;) 
We got our family pictures taken today. They won't be ready for a couple weeks, but here's a preview from Cory's phone. She clearly wasn't ready but it's still so sweet and adorable. 

She makes us so happy! 

I'm also pretty jazzed about the blogger update that lets me place pictures where I want them on my phone. So much better! Thanks, Blogger! 

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