Wheeler Farm

I ventured out with my mom and brothers' kids yesterday to what I can only assume will be the first of many excursions of the summer to Wheeler Farm.

Kennedy is a lot more curious this year and it's exciting to hear her talk about the animals instead of just panting excitedly, like a dog. Although every animal pen was accompanied with a tragic, unexplained, "Oh no!" from her as we approached. I have no idea what that was about.

Honestly, we (the adults) had a good time, but the kids had a blast. We saw lots of stinky farm animals and heard them banter back and forth in their own unique language. We rode the wagon ride around the grounds and got to soak up the gorgeous weather we had yesterday. It started the excitement-juices flowing for summer. I can't wait to have more days out enjoying ourselves and spending time together.

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Mike and Lisa said...

We love Wheeler Farm, too!