Job Updates

I guess I spoke too soon about Cory's job when I posted about the slide. We've received some new information since then and I've actually had a lot of caring, concerned people ask me how this affects his job. Thank you, friends for caring about us. Here's what we know...

The mine is now losing money because of the damage caused and the equipment lost. There's not enough work for the amount of employees they have. As you've probably heard on the news, Rio Tinto has asked willing employees to take unpaid time off or cash in their vacation days. Those who don't wish to do either of those can still work their scheduled hours, they will just be doing jobs where they're needed. But, it has meant less hours for Cory and he's pretty sure it will affect their bonuses that they get throughout the year. He's also unsure about his big Christmas bonus as well. This is unhappy news but we're trying to deal with it. We're grateful he's not completely out of the job and this is all temporary. We just don't know how long it will last. So yes, financially, we're being affected but we'll get through it. The up side to all this is I get my husband home more! :) It's amazing the things we've gotten done these last four days of him being home.

So there's the official update for those that wanted to know. We're hoping for a quick end to this so things can get back to normal.

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Amy said...

Bummer about work and $. :( But way to look on the bright side and get things done around the house! Would love to see you soon.