Conference Thoughts

I had some thoughts during the morning session of General Conference that I wanted to blog about.

When I was little, I did not like conference. It meant we had to have church on Saturday AND Sunday, even though we didn't have to go anywhere Sunday. We were asked to sit and listen for four hours each day. My parents never were the type to force us to watch it, but I was always scared of disappointing my mom so I usually watched. Also, we almost always ended up going for a "fun" ride in the car while we listened. That meant four siblings crammed in the back seat, fighting the whole time because we wanted out and eventually making my mom cry. Sound familiar? Anyone?

I do remember though, that even when I was little, we would all quiet down and there would be a reverence in our home (or the car) when the prophet spoke. We knew, even back then, that it was important to listen to him.

Now that I'm older, I get very excited for conference. I'll be honest and state right out that part of it is because we don't have to put on a dress and chase Kennedy around the chapel trying to keep her quiet. We can stay in comfortable clothes, she can play freely, and we can still be edified. Buzinga!

But the other 80% of me gets excited for the spirit I know I will feel and to listen to modern day revelation and guidance by our leaders. It's an amazing thing! I've almost become weird about it. This morning I went to the gym and dashed out to my car at 10:00 am and cranked up conference. As soon as I heard the Tabernacle Choir radiate from my speakers, I started crying. BOOM! There ya go, Megan, there's the spirit. Enjoy! Just like that. Pretty rockin!

I cried listening to President Monson. I cried about the new temple in Cedar City. Like many couples, we set a goal to visit every temple in Utah. We'd better get on it because they're building them faster than we're making it to them. I cried during President Packers talk because I'm pretty sure that was a farewell address. Anyone else feel that way? I cried during the music. I cried during President Eyrings talk. Lots and lots of crying :). And I get excited for this! Talk about a masochist.

Anyway, I'm getting off topic. I was thinking about how much I didn't like conference compared to how much I love it now. It's amazing how much people change over their lives. I'm glad I grew up and learned to appreciate and love this special time. I'm glad my parents didn't force us to watch, but rather set the example of how important it was to them. We didn't have to care, but they weren't going to miss it. I know they wanted us to care, and knew we would someday, but they knew their example would be more powerful. And it was. I seriously love this time of year!!

Three more sessions to go! I'd better get the tissues ready.

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