What a difference 6 years makes! Today I was going through my discs of saved pictures. These are the discs that are in our emergency bin full of important documents and irreplaceable pictures to grab and take with us if there's ever an emergency. I decided to check them out. I can't believe how different life is now! It's crazy! I've grown up a lot. About 70% of the photos are of me - stupid self-portraits - where I spent time putting on different make up and clothes and tried to take attractive photo's. I've never been photogenic, because 90% of them are horrible. And I'm so glad I have much better things to do with my time now haha. They're embarrassing. But I found some that made me laugh, or feel sentimental, or whatever and wanted to share.

 Ah, the Jetta. My first car purchased in 2002 (I think?) and that Cory still drives to work. I never thought it would be around this long, much less that my husband would be commuting in it. This is a picture I took when I tried to sell it. That didn't happen, obviously. I wish it still looked this good.
 We took this picture when we were dating. First, I noticed the zit on my forehead. Hello! Then I remembered what a great time we had dating and how much I instantly liked Cory when I met him. He's a keeper.
 This picture is hot and totally makes him look like a douche lol.
 I was talking with my mom and sister in law the other day about when we put pudding on the counter and let Bradlee play in it. Well, look what I found pictures of?! That was so long ago! Those eyes....man, she's a killer.
 I bought this backpack when we were dating and was so excited to go backpacking with it. I still haven't really used it for that. In fact, it's hardly been used at all...6 years later. I need to rectify that.
 When I first went camping with Cory's family, I was trying to cross a river on some unstable logs. Obviously things didn't go well. His uncle who is a veterinarian even offered to stitch me up! Thank heavens I didn't need that. I don't remember taking a picture of it, but I still have the scar. I'm glad I did because I forgot how bad it really was.
 Bradlee was so cute!
 This was a cool picture I took of my eyes. It makes me laugh because it was Cory's background picture on his phone for a long, long time. Creepy, no?
 He looks so little! We went for a drive to see the nonexistent leaves. Cory still wears that shirt to work. It's in bad shape now after having holes burned through it from welding.
 My proudest moment as a jeep photographer! Cory and I love this picture. I even risked my life for it.
 I miss her so much!! I always wonder what her life would be like now and if our kids would be friends. I wonder how often we would discuss Grey's Anatomy together or if she would have eventually made me a fan or fashion. Miss you!
 I warned you, I took a lot of stupid selfies. This is THE Elmo that Kennedy sleeps with every night and loves so much. I don't remember where I got him, but he's been around a lot longer than I thought.
This made me laugh so hard!! I used to think I was in such great shape. Bah! There's hardly a bicep bump. Was I really flexing hard? Oh man! What a riot! And I miss tank tops. A lot. Someone get this girl a tan!

I'm very happy with the direction our lives have taken. What a fun ride it has been! And I'm glad I grew up a little more and that I have Kennedy in my life to take thousands of pictures of instead of myself. I'll have to look back to my present day pictures in 6 more years. I'm sure things will have changed drastically again.

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