22 Months

Kennedy turned 22 months old last week and we totally forgot. It's about time, keeping up on this monthly "birthday" crap is getting a little old. There's nothing new to report with her except that she's finally starting to like nursery. She hates it when I drop her off but they say she cries for about 15 minutes and then starts to have fun. I can't tell you what a relief that has been for us. We've seriously agonized over it. I finally feel like a normal church goer again.

Other than that she's still talking and teething and being the same old cutie pie she's always been.


Wheeler Farm

I ventured out with my mom and brothers' kids yesterday to what I can only assume will be the first of many excursions of the summer to Wheeler Farm.

Kennedy is a lot more curious this year and it's exciting to hear her talk about the animals instead of just panting excitedly, like a dog. Although every animal pen was accompanied with a tragic, unexplained, "Oh no!" from her as we approached. I have no idea what that was about.

Honestly, we (the adults) had a good time, but the kids had a blast. We saw lots of stinky farm animals and heard them banter back and forth in their own unique language. We rode the wagon ride around the grounds and got to soak up the gorgeous weather we had yesterday. It started the excitement-juices flowing for summer. I can't wait to have more days out enjoying ourselves and spending time together.


Parenting Overload

I've read several blogs with this same topic I'm about to discuss in the last few weeks. At the risk of being repetitive, I really do have some things I would like to say, if that's alright with everyone. Once again, it is my dear friend Lacie who inspired this one.

Lacie sent me a distress text last night feeling totally overwhelmed that she won't be a good mother. The cause of this anxiety? Pinterest. Specifically the "kids" category. Oh...the dangerous "kids" category! (Dun, dun, dun!) Sure, this category is chock full of spectacular and fresh ideas with pin captions that read "this woman's blog is amazing! She has so many good parenting ideas" or "why didn't I think of that?" Or the most deceptive three letters floating around the Pinterest realm: DIY.

Before I make everyone feel bad, Pinterest is not a bad thing. I myself am a fellow addict. I've found some phenomenal, almost life changing ideas on there. It's where I got all the inspiration for Kennedy's "big girl" room when the time comes. Although it'll be 8,000x more work than it would have been to just buy a toddler bed and stick her in a new room, she is going to love it!! I've found things to do inside when the weather is bad, creative crafts, parenting techniques, and other information that I probably never would have found otherwise. It's not all bad.

But it's not all good either. We've all seen them, those pins that make you hyperventilate and feel like you need to take a parenting class. You see birthday parties that obviously took an entire week to prepare for: cakes that put any wedding cake to shame and make you feel guilty for eating it, every wall is decorated with streamers and pom-poms, pictures and games, the punch is 7 different colors and has pirate ships floating in it with actual moving pirates, the food looks like it was flown in from the nether most regions of France, party favors that are better and more exciting than what I got in all my childhood Christmas's combined, and the presents...*sigh*... the presents... Have I made my point?

Or there's the lunches. Brace yourself people, but did you know a good mother makes themed lunches and writes a new, witty joke to place inside each and every day? Your child won't be happy at school unless their sandwich is shaped like a dragon and actually breathes fire, and their carrots are built into a little village that the dragon can destroy.

Pinterest has also made it apparent that every holiday has to run you into the ground weeks in advance and empty your bank account with evidence of leprechaun footprints, Easter bunny poop, tooth fairy dust around the house, and live turkeys in the yard that they can raise from a hatchling and then kill and prepare themselves. And don't even get me started with Christmas. That's an entire blog in and of itself.

The list goes on and on. Women are riddled with guilt when they see all these seemingly cute and enjoyable ideas and they're not doing them. But I ask you, who has the time for that?! I don't want to make any woman who actually does these things feel badly about their parenting style. If it works for you, that's awesome. But it is NOT the way the rest of us have to do it.

Where do we get the time to decorate a cake for hours on end and still spend time with our little ones? How are you supposed to make an extravagant birthday party and possibly top it the next year when they're even older and can realize they want more? How are our kids supposed to appreciate what they get or get excited for holidays when everything is so overdone? The harder we try to make mediocre holidays special, the worse it's going to be when we want to take it a step further and really create memories.

You might call this lazy parenting, but I can it actual parenting. I feel like our society is raising a generation of ungrateful, disrespectful kids and I believe this is a major contributing factor. We're made to feel like good parents give and give and give their kids what they want and make every day something spectacular. But how are they going to remember every single cool thing you did for them if you're always doing them? Eventually they will get bored and you'll have to work that much harder. And if they're always getting what they want, how will they ever learn that life isn't fair? Because let me drop an A-bomb on job here: it's not!

Growing up, we had our traditions in our family that I LOVED and always looked forward to. For Easter, our parents would hide eggs and our Easter basket and we got to search for them. We had candy and one, I repeat, ONE toy or article of clothing in our basket. And that was so exciting I couldn't sleep the night before. For Halloween we did the traditional carving pumpkins and dressing up to trick or treat. Done and done. My parents made it special, and simple in their own way, and I loved it enough that they're traditions I want to carry on with my children. And I won't need a week to recover from the preparations of making it special.

Mothers of the world, you're doing a great job. You don't have to go overboard on everything your child interacts with. As long as your child is loved and cared for and you're doing the best you can, THAT IS ENOUGH. Don't ever let what another woman does make you feel like you're not stepping up to the plate. Don't take the time away from reading or playing with your child to whittle army men from scratch because you think that's what makes you a great mother. Spending time and loving your child is what matters most. Always remember that.

And for heaven sakes, stay away from Pinterest.


Job Updates

I guess I spoke too soon about Cory's job when I posted about the slide. We've received some new information since then and I've actually had a lot of caring, concerned people ask me how this affects his job. Thank you, friends for caring about us. Here's what we know...

The mine is now losing money because of the damage caused and the equipment lost. There's not enough work for the amount of employees they have. As you've probably heard on the news, Rio Tinto has asked willing employees to take unpaid time off or cash in their vacation days. Those who don't wish to do either of those can still work their scheduled hours, they will just be doing jobs where they're needed. But, it has meant less hours for Cory and he's pretty sure it will affect their bonuses that they get throughout the year. He's also unsure about his big Christmas bonus as well. This is unhappy news but we're trying to deal with it. We're grateful he's not completely out of the job and this is all temporary. We just don't know how long it will last. So yes, financially, we're being affected but we'll get through it. The up side to all this is I get my husband home more! :) It's amazing the things we've gotten done these last four days of him being home.

So there's the official update for those that wanted to know. We're hoping for a quick end to this so things can get back to normal.


Massive Slide

In case you haven't heard yet, Kennecott Copper Mine (aka Bingham Canyon Mine) had a massive landslide two nights ago. This wasn't any news to us. They've known for a long time this was coming and they have been monitoring it closely. Thanks to their tireless safety campaign, no one was injured or killed. We're very grateful for that.

Cory has been a little shook up over it. He takes deaths and natural disasters pretty hard, but you have to know what to look for in his behavior to see it. He was working directly in the path of the slide the day before it happened. It was a very brief time he was there since they've kept that area secure, but I think it made him feel vulnerable. He's spent hours looking at the pictures and talking about it. It's a huge deal and it means things are going to change there. They lost a lot of equipment in the slide which means there's not anything for lots of employees to do. Thankfully, his department fixes all the gear, so he won't be out of work. If anything, they'll be begging them to come in for overtime. I feel bad not everyone gets news that good. We were worried for a bit there that they were shutting the mine down completely and Cory wouldn't have a job for a while. But they're trying to continue on as best they can with limited equipment. Now they have the task of digging it all out, which will take years.

I feel bad for him and his fellow employees. This means so much uncertainty in the months ahead and there's now a huge crater where they used to work all the time. The visitors center is the only part I've seen and that's all gone now, too. Talk about crazy! Hopefully they can get things figured out soon and everyone will be able to return to work. I'm praying for that for those he works with. I screen shotted some photos of the slide from KSL at the bottom. It's insane.

In other family news, there's nothing that new to report with me. I've been battling nausea all week for some unknown reason. I had a fever and body aches associated with it on Tuesday and Wednesday morning but I was able to attend a class at the gym Wednesday evening just fine. I thought it was gone minus little episodes of feeling queazy here and there but today was by far the worst. I even had to leave work a little early. I spent the day sitting or laying down, staring at the mess my house has become and feeling so bad that I wasn't able to play with Kennedy in our usual manner. We made due though. She would run on the couch over to me and sit on my face or chest and laugh, then give me a hug, then run away and reset so she was ready for the next round. It's amazing what keeps her entertained. I love that little peanut. I hope I feel better tomorrow. I'm ready for this stupid bug to be gone. And no, I'm not pregnant.

Kennedy is exploding in her personality like usual. Some funny things of note are:

I sat her on the potty today just to see what she would do. She stared at me for a minute and then screeched, "No!" And started to climb down. I think it freaked her out. I'll need to buy a potty seat when the time comes to train her. It's way too early right now though. Although she can tell me she's poopy :) She's also watched me each time I've had to make a trip to the bathroom due to illness so I think she was afraid the same thing would happen to her. I wasn't thinking.

For some reason she will only do this when it's just me and her, but she gets so sweet before I put her down and let's me sing to her. I've mentioned that before several times now but tonight she kept hugging me and touching my face. It's our special bonding time and I love it. I just wish she would show Cory how precious it is when he's there, too. Oh well. They have their moments that I'm not allowed to be a part of, too. Cory is such a great dad. Before he left for work he woke her up just so he could see her and stopped to read her a book, even though he was late. I love that about him.

She's getting four of her top teeth in now. It's always a guessing game whether she will be cranky or not from it but I'm so excited to see some more pearly whites.

That's about it on the updates. Life is a little slow right now, but I know things will be picking up here pretty soon so hopefully I'll have more stuff to blog about then. Hope everyone is well!



What a difference 6 years makes! Today I was going through my discs of saved pictures. These are the discs that are in our emergency bin full of important documents and irreplaceable pictures to grab and take with us if there's ever an emergency. I decided to check them out. I can't believe how different life is now! It's crazy! I've grown up a lot. About 70% of the photos are of me - stupid self-portraits - where I spent time putting on different make up and clothes and tried to take attractive photo's. I've never been photogenic, because 90% of them are horrible. And I'm so glad I have much better things to do with my time now haha. They're embarrassing. But I found some that made me laugh, or feel sentimental, or whatever and wanted to share.

 Ah, the Jetta. My first car purchased in 2002 (I think?) and that Cory still drives to work. I never thought it would be around this long, much less that my husband would be commuting in it. This is a picture I took when I tried to sell it. That didn't happen, obviously. I wish it still looked this good.
 We took this picture when we were dating. First, I noticed the zit on my forehead. Hello! Then I remembered what a great time we had dating and how much I instantly liked Cory when I met him. He's a keeper.
 This picture is hot and totally makes him look like a douche lol.
 I was talking with my mom and sister in law the other day about when we put pudding on the counter and let Bradlee play in it. Well, look what I found pictures of?! That was so long ago! Those eyes....man, she's a killer.
 I bought this backpack when we were dating and was so excited to go backpacking with it. I still haven't really used it for that. In fact, it's hardly been used at all...6 years later. I need to rectify that.
 When I first went camping with Cory's family, I was trying to cross a river on some unstable logs. Obviously things didn't go well. His uncle who is a veterinarian even offered to stitch me up! Thank heavens I didn't need that. I don't remember taking a picture of it, but I still have the scar. I'm glad I did because I forgot how bad it really was.
 Bradlee was so cute!
 This was a cool picture I took of my eyes. It makes me laugh because it was Cory's background picture on his phone for a long, long time. Creepy, no?
 He looks so little! We went for a drive to see the nonexistent leaves. Cory still wears that shirt to work. It's in bad shape now after having holes burned through it from welding.
 My proudest moment as a jeep photographer! Cory and I love this picture. I even risked my life for it.
 I miss her so much!! I always wonder what her life would be like now and if our kids would be friends. I wonder how often we would discuss Grey's Anatomy together or if she would have eventually made me a fan or fashion. Miss you!
 I warned you, I took a lot of stupid selfies. This is THE Elmo that Kennedy sleeps with every night and loves so much. I don't remember where I got him, but he's been around a lot longer than I thought.
This made me laugh so hard!! I used to think I was in such great shape. Bah! There's hardly a bicep bump. Was I really flexing hard? Oh man! What a riot! And I miss tank tops. A lot. Someone get this girl a tan!

I'm very happy with the direction our lives have taken. What a fun ride it has been! And I'm glad I grew up a little more and that I have Kennedy in my life to take thousands of pictures of instead of myself. I'll have to look back to my present day pictures in 6 more years. I'm sure things will have changed drastically again.


Conference Thoughts

I had some thoughts during the morning session of General Conference that I wanted to blog about.

When I was little, I did not like conference. It meant we had to have church on Saturday AND Sunday, even though we didn't have to go anywhere Sunday. We were asked to sit and listen for four hours each day. My parents never were the type to force us to watch it, but I was always scared of disappointing my mom so I usually watched. Also, we almost always ended up going for a "fun" ride in the car while we listened. That meant four siblings crammed in the back seat, fighting the whole time because we wanted out and eventually making my mom cry. Sound familiar? Anyone?

I do remember though, that even when I was little, we would all quiet down and there would be a reverence in our home (or the car) when the prophet spoke. We knew, even back then, that it was important to listen to him.

Now that I'm older, I get very excited for conference. I'll be honest and state right out that part of it is because we don't have to put on a dress and chase Kennedy around the chapel trying to keep her quiet. We can stay in comfortable clothes, she can play freely, and we can still be edified. Buzinga!

But the other 80% of me gets excited for the spirit I know I will feel and to listen to modern day revelation and guidance by our leaders. It's an amazing thing! I've almost become weird about it. This morning I went to the gym and dashed out to my car at 10:00 am and cranked up conference. As soon as I heard the Tabernacle Choir radiate from my speakers, I started crying. BOOM! There ya go, Megan, there's the spirit. Enjoy! Just like that. Pretty rockin!

I cried listening to President Monson. I cried about the new temple in Cedar City. Like many couples, we set a goal to visit every temple in Utah. We'd better get on it because they're building them faster than we're making it to them. I cried during President Packers talk because I'm pretty sure that was a farewell address. Anyone else feel that way? I cried during the music. I cried during President Eyrings talk. Lots and lots of crying :). And I get excited for this! Talk about a masochist.

Anyway, I'm getting off topic. I was thinking about how much I didn't like conference compared to how much I love it now. It's amazing how much people change over their lives. I'm glad I grew up and learned to appreciate and love this special time. I'm glad my parents didn't force us to watch, but rather set the example of how important it was to them. We didn't have to care, but they weren't going to miss it. I know they wanted us to care, and knew we would someday, but they knew their example would be more powerful. And it was. I seriously love this time of year!!

Three more sessions to go! I'd better get the tissues ready.


I'm baaaaack!

Hello, again! Surprised to see me so soon? Honestly, I am a little surprised myself that I feel ready to take my blog off private again. I can't make any promises that I won't have to lock it up again in the future, but rest assured that everyone who was invited to read before will remain on the list for future use, if it comes to that.

So, you no longer need to sign in to read about us. You're welcome. The issues that provoked the blog privacy lock-down are still in full swing, but I've decided that I just don't care anymore. I'll be more selective about what I choose to post online.

Now, have at it.