March Madness

Kennedy is getting to be at such a fun age! The difference between last month and this month is incredible! And has been madness! I want to list some things she's been doing for journaling purposes, but feel free to read on :) (I'm purposely not calling this post the "21 months old" post haha)

She's started talking. A lot! Before, she knew the words and would say them when asked. Now she says them all the time. I'll never miss a doggy ever again because she points it out and says "doggie" all excitedly. She LOVES dogs! Here are my favorite words she says:
counting to three
whenever we say "lion" she goes "rawr!"
love you
where is it?

She says a lot more but those ones sound the cutest! I love listening to her count to three because she does it so excitedly. "One...two...threeeeee!" It's awesome.

She finally had another tooth break through. It's one of her canines. The rest of her teeth on the top (the other canine and her two front teeth) look like they're working on it as well. They're swollen and she's been crankier than normal. Please, PLEASE come in!! They're only a year behind! I see tons of kids her age with mouths full of teeth. It's so irritating!

She's developed an opinion and has taken to expressing herself pretty dramatically when she doesn't get her own way. Temper tantrums are on the rise.

She's been trying to jump. She can jump with on the floor and get both feet off the ground. She also likes to climb on the ottoman and jump to the couch but she doesn't quite have the guts to really launch herself. If it feels like it's too far for her, she asks for our help. I've always been amazed with how coordinated she is. It's nuts.

This girl LOVES driving over the railroad tracks! She watches from her car seat and when we get close, she squeals and kicks and her legs and either laughs or says "weee!" as we drive over them. It's so funny the things we don't even notice that are a thrill to kids. Cory calls her our roller coaster baby. 

Thanks to her abnormal hatred for nursery, she's become even more clingy to me in every other aspect of life, as if that was possible. It's been a nightmare! I can't leave her anywhere without her throwing a fit about it. And unless it's family that I leave her with, she doesn't stop crying until I come back. I wish I could convey to you how much I hate this! Not only is it annoying, but it also makes me sad to leave her anywhere!! But the last week or so I decided to just buck up and start leaving her more. She's never going to get over it if I don't try. Today I left her at the gym daycare without me so I could go workout. She cried the whole time. I'm not at all surprised. Boo!! One day at a time, right? I'll tell you what, I won't make that mistake again with the next child we have.

She loves to sing! It is the best when I'm singing to her and she starts trying to join in. I love it!!

I also wanted to mention her insane love for her stuffed Elmo. She takes the guy everywhere. She's always holding him when she's asleep. She tries to "share" her sippy cup with him, her binki's, her food, etc. Whenever we read a book with touch and feel stuff, she has Elmo feel it with her. It's so precious.

Her favorite foods right now are banana's, tomatoes, gold fish crackers, chocolate, and waffles.

She's a doll face! I wish everyone could see how much fun she is and how funny she can be at home. I want her to be like that all the time, but of course, it looks like she's going to take after me in the shyness department. *sigh*

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