Easter Eggs! Lots of Them!

Our Easter isn't really over yet, since it technically hasn't even happened yet, but I thought I'd blog about the fun we've already had before the picture total gets totally overwhelming. I already have so many :)

We started the festivities on Thursday with dying eggs and an egg hunt at my parents house with the McLachlan cousins! Kennedy got to wear one of grandma's shirts to avoid staining hers.
 This is quite possibly one of the worst pictures of me ever, but Kennedy was too cute to not post. The sacrifices we make for our children ;)
 Then we had a big egg hunt in the backyard.
 Kennedy knew exactly what to do this year. She would get so excited when she found an egg.

 oops! She reached too far for one egg... haha.
 Another cute picture of Kennedy.
 She got a little dirt on her face when she fell.
 Friday night we dyed eggs as a family. Kennedy was again super excited to make messes and to not have to wear pants.
 She helped me put the eggs in the dye, and kept wanting to use her hands to take them out.

 Like how horrible our eggs turned out? It makes me laugh!
 I think the problem was I tried lining our cups with wax paper to avoid staining them since I forgot to buy paper ones (oops) and the wax must have rubbed off on the eggs. Oh well. We had fun regardless.

This morning Grandma and Grandpa Hunter, and Aunt Hillary were able to come down and help set up Kennedy's own Easter egg hunt. Let me tell you, she was one spoiled child! There was a whole slew of candy and eggs for her. I wish I would have taken a picture of the yard. Grandpa Hunter brought peeps and stuck them on sticks and put them in the ground for her to grab.
 At first, she totally ignored the candy and peeps and went straight for the eggs. She had no idea she was supposed to grab those things, too. We helped her out, though.

 Grandpa was helping her pick up some little chocolate eggs that decided to retreat into the grass.
 Cory had to show her exactly what the peeps were. At first she wasn't happy about him eating her prizes.
 But then he shared with her...
 And they both were happy.
 Then the fun continued.

 After a while, once it occurred to her that everything was eatable, all she wanted to do was eat everything she grabbed. She took a bite out of almost every peep before putting it in the basket.

 We had so much fun! And she has quite a haul of goodies!
 I love my little peanut.
 Peek-a-boo on the stairs!
 Aunt Hillary and Kennedy.
I love that Kennedy has such good family members who love her and spoil her. She had a great time.

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