A Vacation Of Sorts

Hey, guess what? We just got back from Moab.

Yep, again.

Since I am exhausted, I think I'll mostly tell how the trip was with pictures.

But first, I should explain that I dropped out of the half marathon, which was supposed to be our whole reason for going. It was not a decision that came lightly by any means. This is a race I've been wanting to do for a long time and I was really excited. But I had to take a two and a half month break from all exercise when the air turned sucky and when I had bronchitis for 6 weeks. When my lungs were finally back to normal, I only had 5 weeks until race day. That was not enough time to be ready. So, rather than try and do it anyway and have a really crappy race, I just decided to not injure myself and try again another year. It was harder than I thought it would be. I cried when I picked up my race packet and t-shirt. I really wanted to be a part of the fun. But, I'd much rather run this race with someone, so that will have to be a goal for next time, too.

Anyway, we had tons of fun. Here come the photos...
Cory got off a night shift the morning we left. So here/s Daddy and Kennedy cuddling before we left. 

 Our sweet girl sleeping on the way down.
  I got Kennedy an activity tray to use for the car. She liked it for about ten minutes. I think she needs to grow into it more.
As we were about to leave, Kennedy took a tumble down some concrete steps and caught herself with her face. We were all sad. 
 We hiked around arches Friday. Here is Kennedy loving hiking with Daddy to Sand Dune Arch.

 I took her shoes off and put her in the sand and she hated it! I think it was because the sand was still cold. So we put her shoes back on. Problem solved!
 We ran up and down the dune...

 And played in the sand

 Mommy and Daddy did a little exploring.

 And we found a good spot for a family picture!

 Then we hiked some more.
 and saw some arches

 Sleep was not our friend this trip. Kennedy never napped for more than 30 minutes each day and she slept like crap. Which means we did too. So there was plenty of cuddle time to get her to relax and just sleep. It's probably a blessing I didn't run because we were so tired.

 We found our canyon!
 The amazing view that looks really lame through a camera on top of Hurrah Pass
 We stopped and let Kennedy climb on some rocks and stretch her legs since Saturday we spent the day exploring four wheel drive trails.
 Our campground had a stray dog (it actually had lots of dogs) that Kennedy couldn't get enough of. She is a major dog girl!
 And now, back in order, here we are getting energy out on our drive again.

  So there you have it. Fun, fun! The weather was amazing and Kennedy really was a super trooper considering how sleep deprived she was the entire trip. And I've never seen her so happy to be home in all my life. She ran around squealing and screaming with excitement and would see a toy or stuffed animal and say its name and run at it excitedly like old high school friends reunited after many years apart. I think my bed and I may have a similar reunion in a couple minutes.

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