True Tale Tuesdays: Volume 1

I've decided to start a new weekly post called "True Tale Tuesdays". I've had a lot of funny, cool, and interesting things happen to me over the years of my life. Why not share those stories? It'll make things interesting. So, let's test this out and you'll have to let me know what you think.

Ever since I was 2, I've had a friend named Heather. We're still friends to this day and we talk about our childhood stupidity all the time. This one is a classic.

When we were about 5 or 6, my family went camping in Goblin Valley, Utah with Heather's family. Our parents are also good friends. While on the journey there, we stopped at a gas station for the usual road trip supplies, I assume. At the entrance of the building they had one of those toy/candy dispenser things where you put a quarter in and you twist and a cheap little prize comes out that lasts about a day. We begged our moms to let us get a toy and we were rewarded with a quarter. We decided on these metal rings with painted on jewels. Super classy. Of course to a 1st grader, it's the best thing ever.

Fast forward now a few hours and we had finally arrived at our campground around dinner time and were so excited to go climb on the rocks. Kids+rocks=best childhood ever. Heather and I took off and started climbing up onto this high cliff that towered over the camp site. I really have no idea how tall it was, but I know it was the tallest rock formation around our area. So while the parents were busy setting up the trailers and not paying attention to us, the best time to be reckless, we made our way to the top pretty quickly. Yeah, we're pros.

It was also during this time that a huge storm was rolling in. The wind was blowing, there was lightening approaching quickly and we knew we were going to have to spend the night in the trailer to keep from getting wet, so we'd better have our fun now.

So here we are, two little girls standing tall on the highest point around with lightening striking all around us, unsupervised.

No one else knew it at the time, but our 25¢ rings had super powers. So we were running around this rock pointing our rings at stuff pretending we could make anything happen. Much to our excitement, we quickly discovered that our metal rings could also control the lightening. And we didn't even have to imagine it! At first we thought it was coincidence, but after a few tries it dawned on us that this was real; all we had to do was stick our rings up in the air and lightening would strike close by. We could feel the electricity and our hairs would stand up on our arms. We had POWER!! This is what magic must feel like!

We giggled and laughed with evil excitement and decided this was something our parents had to see. These rings had truly given us special gifts.

From atop the rock we began the usual "Mom! Look at me!" at the top of our lungs until our parents decided to grace us with their attention.

"Mom! Look! Our rings control the lightening, see?" I said as I pumped my fist in the air and was shortly followed by a lightening strike and deafening thunder. I flashed my mom a look of pure joy and wonder and awaited her praise of amazement.

At the time, I thought our parents were just being jealous jerks when they instantly started screaming at us to get down. But it wasn't the usual nagging, this was constant "Get down from there right now!" They were really loud and all four parents were yelling it over and over. It was weird and we figured we'd better listen to avoid getting spanked. Angrily, Heather and I turned around and started back down the rocks towards our parents. They had ruined our lightening fun and I was never going to forgive them. All I wanted to do was show my mom I was magic and she didn't even care.

I can't remember if my parents ever actually explained the reason why being up there was bad. All I remember from that trip was playing with lightening, catching a lizard and having its tail fall off, and wading through freezing, red, muddy water as we tried to hike slot canyons full of spring run off. But obviously, now that I'm older and wiser and no longer believe gas station toys come with exceptional powers, I understand just how dangerous that was. I don't know why that didn't make sense when we were 6, but it does now.

Thankfully, we didn't die.

I also don't remember our super awesome rings being present for the rest of the trip, so maybe they weren't so magical after all.

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