Not Ready

I've learned a very important lesson this winter.

After the extremely unhealthy air quality, the temperatures in the single digits, the feet of snow that has fallen and the mountains piled up along side the roads and sidewalks, and the horrible, horrible illness (which we're still suffering through) I've learned that winter is not the ideal time to train for a race.

I'm one who actually likes to run in the cold. I can go forever when the temperature is in the 20's and the air is clear. But trying to run in the freezing temperatures we've had along with the inversion left my lungs on fire and unable to hold oxygen. Weird, right? But now it's finally warmer and the air is clean and I'm still sick. Talk about a rage-inducing scenario.

I signed up in October for the Canyonlands Half Marathon in Moab in early March. It made sense in October. I was in great running shape, I had all winter to keep up that shape, and it gave us a good excuse to go camping!!

But as the months have ticked by, instead of being increasingly ready, I'm getting less and less prepared.

The race is 6 weeks away. This course is not an easy one, either. There's no way I'm going to be in any kind of shape to set a goal. So my goal now is to not die and finish before the time limit people scoop me up and scold me for entering a race I wasn't ready for. Sounds good, right?

It seems really sad to know I'll most likely be walking a good chunk of the race and finishing at a sucky time when my last half was a major PR for myself, but oh well. Not every race can be awesome. And the goal is to enjoy myself and the beautiful scenery around me. I just wish I had someone to run with. Oh, and that I was ready.

But hey, I'll get a t-shirt! And free beer at the finish line! BOOYAH! Oh.... Wait...

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