The third wife....

Yep, we bought a trailer. A tent trailer, to be exact, for you non-campers. We are super excited. Although there's now another woman to occupy Cory's time. But I do have to admit, I'm actually in love with this one, too. She's a real beauty.

It all kind of happened so fast. We had planned to wait a while to get anything, but tent camping is hard with children. As a result, we weren't ever going anywhere with just us three because we'd wait to go with my parents and stay in their trailer because it was easier. I want us to go on trips with just our family as well. We talked about starting out with a tent trailer and had kept our eye out on KSL for fun and in case we happened to find an awesome deal. Then this one popped up. It was in amazing shape, it had everything we wanted, and the price was perfect! We wavered about what to do and then decided to just go look at it and see. Of course we fell in love with it and the deal really was too amazing to walk away from. The guy had me at "It has heated mattresses." So we hitched it up and took it home. I still can't believe it! It's crazy to me. We have no idea how well the Jeep will pull it. We're both pretty nervous about that, actually, but I guess we'll have to test it out and see.  That was stupidity on our parts. We know it CAN pull it, but we don't know how much it will slow us down on the road or how stable it will be. But there's a way to solve those problems.

It's been a little torturous having bought it in February when it's way too cold to go camping, but it makes us really excited to go. We have it set up in the garage right now to dry out and get everything cleaned and put away so it's ready to take when things finally warm up. If they do. It doesn't seem like it ever will. Here are some pictures I screen shotted off my phone from the KSL ad. I'd take better ones but I'm lazy :)
Here's the floor plan.
 Here it is set up
 The slide out dinette and behind the curtain is the "bathroom"
 Another view of it set up

 I laugh every time I call this a bathroom
So there you have it! It has plenty of growing room and a toilet for those times when I'm pregnant or the kids have to pee in the middle of the night. We love it! Bring on camping season!!!

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