Defending Depression

My life is totally depressing and utterly pathetic right now. Seriously, there's very little to be happy about right now. So what a perfect time to write a blog about depression! Ha ha! Don't worry, it's not what you think...

I have a lot of annoyances about Pinterest, but one of those is all the jokes and arguments about how much better Harry Potter is than Twilight. I'm sorry, did I miss something? How are those two stories at all comparable? They weren't meant to be the same story line. They're not even related! Yes, the Harry Potter movies and story are, to me, really awesome. But that's not evidence that Twilight is bad. Those things annoy me so bad! They're not the same story!

I saw one particularly aggressive and brutal pin last night comparing how strong Hermione is to weak, pathetic Bella. Although there was a lot of truth in the pin, it was also not entirely fair, and so I wish to stand up on my soap box and defend Bella.

The character of Bella gets a bad rap because she acts like she needs a man to survive. Her entire happiness and self-worth is tied to Edward. I agree this is not the message we should be sending to our young girls out there. BUT, I think Bella's reaction to being left was perfectly normal based on the circumstances. 

Exhibit A
Bella started out with low self-esteem. That's clearly not ideal, but she was always down on herself and never felt good enough for anyone, especially Edward. So, for her to get a man that she never thought she would be worthy of, made her vulnerable. She learned to let her guard down and expose who she really was, flaws and all, which made her fall in love with Edward. She trusted him completely and she planned on sharing their whole lives together. Hence, she felt tied to him.

Exhibit B
Remember this scene?
And when Bella acted like this?
And when she had these?
Remember all of that? The pain? The depression? The screaming nightmares? The months of feeling numb and out of touch with reality? Her feeling broken? That's all LEGIT!

Take it from someone who's been in her shoes more than once. When someone you love leaves you, someone who was your whole world suddenly walks out of your life and leaves you alone, it is not easy. A rare few stand strong and move on. It HURTS! It causes depression. It causes nightmares so bad it makes you scream out in pain. It makes you an unhappy zombie for a while. It takes a while to get back to normal. I'll admit I have a hard time watching that portion of New Moon because it takes me back to when that happened to me. For a moment, I relive that pain and how awful it was to be in her shoes. Yes, I think Bella is a weak woman, but many of us are. That's what makes her so relate able.

So enough of this nonsense that Bella's reaction to the love of her life abandoning her was weak and pathetic. It was normal and happens a lot. None of us can say that we wouldn't be affected in a negative way if someone we loved deeply suddenly just left us. There's always a mourning period. There's always pain. So back off. :)

How was that for a stupid/depressing post?

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