20 Months

Oh my word we're in the 20's!! Ah!! I still can't believe how big she's getting. It's been so much fun!

Her drastic changes are starting to slow down a little bit. I've noticed that over the last few months. Other than learning new words and getting more brave and secure with her body, she's not doing anything terribly different. But I'll highlight some fun points.

She still, STILL doesn't have anymore than 6 teeth. Every time I swear I can see one coming in it never does. She's learned how to adapt though and eats almost everything regardless. She's resilient like that, like her momma.

She's learning how to jump off furniture and from the couch to the ottoman. It's really cute watching her get up the guts to do it. As mentioned before, I want her to be in a gymnastics class. I think I'll get serious about that after our Moab trip. She's also still a major climber and loves to climb anything she can find. I'm so scared for the day she climbs out of her crib. I know it's coming. I can feel it, like a disturbance in the force.

She's still a giant copy cat. She does all the actions to The Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree, and a few others. Her latest thing she's trying though is singing. It is adorable!! Whenever I sing, she tries to copy me and starts singing in a really high pitched voice. It makes me laugh because it sounds just like a dog howling along with it's owner. I'm praying that she has some musical talent and can sing well.

She's not a huge talker. She knows many words and she can understand so much of what I tell her and talk to her about but she's not spouting stuff that makes sense all the time. And that's ok. When I ask her, she'll use the right words for stuff. I know eventually she'll put it all together and yack and yack. My favorite thing in the last week though has been listening to her count to three. It's so cute!!

She's extremely busy and wears her mother out on a daily basis. My goals for her in the next few months are to ween her off of her binkis during bedtime, get her to sleep without the white noise of the humidifier, and maybe start using a pillow in her crib so she can start getting used to one. All of those mess with her sleep, which means they'll mess with mine so I'm very scared haha. But we'll get it.

She loves books still and looks at them all the time. She's also still our little comedian and makes us laugh with the silly things she does.

She such a sweetheart!! She loves to give hugs and kisses and she's a major cuddle bug with stuffed animals. She's our favorite thing ever.


Scheels and Things

We had a really fun day shopping today. We went and got things for our trailer, checked out the new outlets in Lehi, and had our first Scheels experience. It was quite a day! The shopping wasn't the part I want to share today, it's the pictures. They're cute. So enjoy :)
Playing in the bumpers at the trailer store

The entrance to Scheels

More Scheels

Kennedy loved the ferris wheel. Too bad she was too little to ride. 

Looking at all the fish in the giant tank

She had so much fun!

Pretty fishies

Sportin' her new shades

This was entirely on her own. I looked back and beheld the magic.

It was a fun day! :)



The third wife....

Yep, we bought a trailer. A tent trailer, to be exact, for you non-campers. We are super excited. Although there's now another woman to occupy Cory's time. But I do have to admit, I'm actually in love with this one, too. She's a real beauty.

It all kind of happened so fast. We had planned to wait a while to get anything, but tent camping is hard with children. As a result, we weren't ever going anywhere with just us three because we'd wait to go with my parents and stay in their trailer because it was easier. I want us to go on trips with just our family as well. We talked about starting out with a tent trailer and had kept our eye out on KSL for fun and in case we happened to find an awesome deal. Then this one popped up. It was in amazing shape, it had everything we wanted, and the price was perfect! We wavered about what to do and then decided to just go look at it and see. Of course we fell in love with it and the deal really was too amazing to walk away from. The guy had me at "It has heated mattresses." So we hitched it up and took it home. I still can't believe it! It's crazy to me. We have no idea how well the Jeep will pull it. We're both pretty nervous about that, actually, but I guess we'll have to test it out and see.  That was stupidity on our parts. We know it CAN pull it, but we don't know how much it will slow us down on the road or how stable it will be. But there's a way to solve those problems.

It's been a little torturous having bought it in February when it's way too cold to go camping, but it makes us really excited to go. We have it set up in the garage right now to dry out and get everything cleaned and put away so it's ready to take when things finally warm up. If they do. It doesn't seem like it ever will. Here are some pictures I screen shotted off my phone from the KSL ad. I'd take better ones but I'm lazy :)
Here's the floor plan.
 Here it is set up
 The slide out dinette and behind the curtain is the "bathroom"
 Another view of it set up

 I laugh every time I call this a bathroom
So there you have it! It has plenty of growing room and a toilet for those times when I'm pregnant or the kids have to pee in the middle of the night. We love it! Bring on camping season!!!


True Tale Tuesday

I'm such a slacker!! I started this new segments and forgot about it by week two. I can't really say I'm surprised though. I've been so scatter brained lately! Ugh! So since it's almost Thursday when I'm posting this Tuesday story, I decided to give it a valentine's theme.

My older brother is awesome. I've been thinking a lot about him lately and how everything he does is such a huge testament to how much he loves his family. He sets such an amazing example for me of what love is really all about.

It got me thinking back to the day when we first moved into the house my parents are in now. That was a hard transition for us all. I still remember my first day of school and how completely terrified I was. Tyler told me that he would be there for me and told me to look for him at recess and he would come play with me. That was a big deal coming from a 10 year old. And I can't tell you how comforted I was knowing my big brother was there for me.

When lunch recess came, I ran outside and scoured the playground for him. I remember he was wearing a black shirt that day and I couldn't find him anywhere. I remember being really scared and worried without him. Later I learned that our grades had different recesses, so that was why I couldn't find him.

That's all I remember from my first day of school; looking for my big brother to help me. We fought a ton growing up, but somewhere deep down, even as a 7 year old, I always knew he loved me. Yeah, he's that awesome. He's only gotten more awesome as the years have gone by. Now he's no longer offering to be there for his little sister on the playground, but instead giving his all the be there for his family. He's a devoted husband, a fantastic dad, and the best big brother ever! And there's never any doubt to how much he loves those who are important to him.

So, this valentines day take the time to show those you love how much you care about them. Everyone deserves some recognition now and then.

Love you all! Happy Valentine's Day!


Defending Depression

My life is totally depressing and utterly pathetic right now. Seriously, there's very little to be happy about right now. So what a perfect time to write a blog about depression! Ha ha! Don't worry, it's not what you think...

I have a lot of annoyances about Pinterest, but one of those is all the jokes and arguments about how much better Harry Potter is than Twilight. I'm sorry, did I miss something? How are those two stories at all comparable? They weren't meant to be the same story line. They're not even related! Yes, the Harry Potter movies and story are, to me, really awesome. But that's not evidence that Twilight is bad. Those things annoy me so bad! They're not the same story!

I saw one particularly aggressive and brutal pin last night comparing how strong Hermione is to weak, pathetic Bella. Although there was a lot of truth in the pin, it was also not entirely fair, and so I wish to stand up on my soap box and defend Bella.

The character of Bella gets a bad rap because she acts like she needs a man to survive. Her entire happiness and self-worth is tied to Edward. I agree this is not the message we should be sending to our young girls out there. BUT, I think Bella's reaction to being left was perfectly normal based on the circumstances. 

Exhibit A
Bella started out with low self-esteem. That's clearly not ideal, but she was always down on herself and never felt good enough for anyone, especially Edward. So, for her to get a man that she never thought she would be worthy of, made her vulnerable. She learned to let her guard down and expose who she really was, flaws and all, which made her fall in love with Edward. She trusted him completely and she planned on sharing their whole lives together. Hence, she felt tied to him.

Exhibit B
Remember this scene?
And when Bella acted like this?
And when she had these?
Remember all of that? The pain? The depression? The screaming nightmares? The months of feeling numb and out of touch with reality? Her feeling broken? That's all LEGIT!

Take it from someone who's been in her shoes more than once. When someone you love leaves you, someone who was your whole world suddenly walks out of your life and leaves you alone, it is not easy. A rare few stand strong and move on. It HURTS! It causes depression. It causes nightmares so bad it makes you scream out in pain. It makes you an unhappy zombie for a while. It takes a while to get back to normal. I'll admit I have a hard time watching that portion of New Moon because it takes me back to when that happened to me. For a moment, I relive that pain and how awful it was to be in her shoes. Yes, I think Bella is a weak woman, but many of us are. That's what makes her so relate able.

So enough of this nonsense that Bella's reaction to the love of her life abandoning her was weak and pathetic. It was normal and happens a lot. None of us can say that we wouldn't be affected in a negative way if someone we loved deeply suddenly just left us. There's always a mourning period. There's always pain. So back off. :)

How was that for a stupid/depressing post?


True Tale Tuesdays: Volume 1

I've decided to start a new weekly post called "True Tale Tuesdays". I've had a lot of funny, cool, and interesting things happen to me over the years of my life. Why not share those stories? It'll make things interesting. So, let's test this out and you'll have to let me know what you think.

Ever since I was 2, I've had a friend named Heather. We're still friends to this day and we talk about our childhood stupidity all the time. This one is a classic.

When we were about 5 or 6, my family went camping in Goblin Valley, Utah with Heather's family. Our parents are also good friends. While on the journey there, we stopped at a gas station for the usual road trip supplies, I assume. At the entrance of the building they had one of those toy/candy dispenser things where you put a quarter in and you twist and a cheap little prize comes out that lasts about a day. We begged our moms to let us get a toy and we were rewarded with a quarter. We decided on these metal rings with painted on jewels. Super classy. Of course to a 1st grader, it's the best thing ever.

Fast forward now a few hours and we had finally arrived at our campground around dinner time and were so excited to go climb on the rocks. Kids+rocks=best childhood ever. Heather and I took off and started climbing up onto this high cliff that towered over the camp site. I really have no idea how tall it was, but I know it was the tallest rock formation around our area. So while the parents were busy setting up the trailers and not paying attention to us, the best time to be reckless, we made our way to the top pretty quickly. Yeah, we're pros.

It was also during this time that a huge storm was rolling in. The wind was blowing, there was lightening approaching quickly and we knew we were going to have to spend the night in the trailer to keep from getting wet, so we'd better have our fun now.

So here we are, two little girls standing tall on the highest point around with lightening striking all around us, unsupervised.

No one else knew it at the time, but our 25¢ rings had super powers. So we were running around this rock pointing our rings at stuff pretending we could make anything happen. Much to our excitement, we quickly discovered that our metal rings could also control the lightening. And we didn't even have to imagine it! At first we thought it was coincidence, but after a few tries it dawned on us that this was real; all we had to do was stick our rings up in the air and lightening would strike close by. We could feel the electricity and our hairs would stand up on our arms. We had POWER!! This is what magic must feel like!

We giggled and laughed with evil excitement and decided this was something our parents had to see. These rings had truly given us special gifts.

From atop the rock we began the usual "Mom! Look at me!" at the top of our lungs until our parents decided to grace us with their attention.

"Mom! Look! Our rings control the lightening, see?" I said as I pumped my fist in the air and was shortly followed by a lightening strike and deafening thunder. I flashed my mom a look of pure joy and wonder and awaited her praise of amazement.

At the time, I thought our parents were just being jealous jerks when they instantly started screaming at us to get down. But it wasn't the usual nagging, this was constant "Get down from there right now!" They were really loud and all four parents were yelling it over and over. It was weird and we figured we'd better listen to avoid getting spanked. Angrily, Heather and I turned around and started back down the rocks towards our parents. They had ruined our lightening fun and I was never going to forgive them. All I wanted to do was show my mom I was magic and she didn't even care.

I can't remember if my parents ever actually explained the reason why being up there was bad. All I remember from that trip was playing with lightening, catching a lizard and having its tail fall off, and wading through freezing, red, muddy water as we tried to hike slot canyons full of spring run off. But obviously, now that I'm older and wiser and no longer believe gas station toys come with exceptional powers, I understand just how dangerous that was. I don't know why that didn't make sense when we were 6, but it does now.

Thankfully, we didn't die.

I also don't remember our super awesome rings being present for the rest of the trip, so maybe they weren't so magical after all.


Not Ready

I've learned a very important lesson this winter.

After the extremely unhealthy air quality, the temperatures in the single digits, the feet of snow that has fallen and the mountains piled up along side the roads and sidewalks, and the horrible, horrible illness (which we're still suffering through) I've learned that winter is not the ideal time to train for a race.

I'm one who actually likes to run in the cold. I can go forever when the temperature is in the 20's and the air is clear. But trying to run in the freezing temperatures we've had along with the inversion left my lungs on fire and unable to hold oxygen. Weird, right? But now it's finally warmer and the air is clean and I'm still sick. Talk about a rage-inducing scenario.

I signed up in October for the Canyonlands Half Marathon in Moab in early March. It made sense in October. I was in great running shape, I had all winter to keep up that shape, and it gave us a good excuse to go camping!!

But as the months have ticked by, instead of being increasingly ready, I'm getting less and less prepared.

The race is 6 weeks away. This course is not an easy one, either. There's no way I'm going to be in any kind of shape to set a goal. So my goal now is to not die and finish before the time limit people scoop me up and scold me for entering a race I wasn't ready for. Sounds good, right?

It seems really sad to know I'll most likely be walking a good chunk of the race and finishing at a sucky time when my last half was a major PR for myself, but oh well. Not every race can be awesome. And the goal is to enjoy myself and the beautiful scenery around me. I just wish I had someone to run with. Oh, and that I was ready.

But hey, I'll get a t-shirt! And free beer at the finish line! BOOYAH! Oh.... Wait...