Worst. Cold. Ever!

I don't want to sound like a drama queen, but oh my word, our house has been hit with the plague!!

I mentioned before that Kennedy and I are sick.

Kennedy started last Tuesday with a mild fever and she was really whiny and cranky. Wednesday morning she was BURNING up with a temperature of 101.5-102 depending on the time of day. She wouldn't eat or drink anything and just laid down and moaned and cried. This continued into Thursday and her nose started running and she had a cough. By Friday she was getting worse and her high fever was back. It was this time that I started to feel my glands swelling and I became very tired.

Saturday was bad. I woke up with a fever and body aches and a very sore throat. Kennedy's fever was still going strong and she was now coughing badly and crying every time because it hurt her throat. We took her in to the doctor (thank heavens they have Saturday hours) and they did a strep test and tested the oxygen in her blood. She had enough oxygen that they weren't too concerned and the 5 minute strep test came back negative. They were going to let it grow for 48 hours though to be thorough and make sure there really wasn't any strep viruses growing. The doctor said her throat was extremely red and her glands were very swollen. Her lungs were full of crud, which is why they were worried about oxygen, but at least she didn't have an ear infection. Her nose WILL NOT stop running but on the plus side, it has all been clear snot. No green. They were also worried about asthma since she's having trouble breathing, which freaked me out a little, but the air quality has been so crappy I need to not worry about it yet. She said if the fever continued for a few more days to bring her back in and they would test for UTI or other digestive infections that could be causing the fever.

So, the doctor couldn't really do anything. Sunday morning Kennedy's fever was finally lower but she was still feeling like crap and coughing badly. It's been so sad when she has coughing fits because she can't stop coughing and then she cries and screams because it hurts her so bad. I ALWAYS cry when that happens. It rips me apart.

So, on to me, I progressively got worse as the day went on Saturday and Sunday morning I woke up feeling like death. Now my nose won't stop running and I've resorted to shoving tissues up them because the skin is so raw from wiping. I have a cough, which isn't too bed yet, and a wicked sore throat and body aches and a fever. I also can't stop sneezing which kills my throat. I now understand why Kennedy has been so miserable. I hoped a good nights rest would help me but I'm just as bad today. It has SUCKED!! I recommend not leaving your house so you don't catch it :) A huge blessing in all this has been that Cory has had Saturday-today off and has been taking very good care of us. He's currently out braving the snowy roads to buy us girls some more medicine. He has been a saint!! I would have died without him. He goes back to work tomorrow so I'm really hoping I feel just a little better tomorrow so I can handle the day. I'm supposed to work which means I won't get to take a nap and rest. We'll see how I feel in the morning.

To quote everyone, I'm so done with this winter!! It snowed another 5 inches last night and there's more on the way tonight. Although it temporarily cleaned out the air, I'm so ready for warm weather I might just run away to somewhere warmer for a week. I can't take it anymore. Seriously.

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