Medicine Woman, But Not Dr. Quinn

I finally caved and bought a few essential oils.

About a year ago I started hearing about these oils and had people swear they worked better than any medicine and could cure almost anything. There was an oil mixture for everything! I would just smile and change the subject because it honestly sounded ridiculous that all you did was rub oils on yourself and you were healed.

But then I got sick before my half marathon in September and was desperate to try anything to help me get better. My sweet neighbor brought over some mixtures for me to try. They didn't cure me, but they certainly helped the symptoms. It was amazing. And they smelled amazing! But I still didn't think I would ever spend the money to get any.

But then I started looking up health tips and home remedies for certain things like detox baths, headache remedies, how to make your own Vick's shower disks, and I've even seen people putting some essential oils in their Scentsy warmers. All of these are things I wanted to try and all required some kind of essential oil. Well, it was worth a shot, right? I called my neighbor and had her order me a few oils and some coconut oil to dilute them in. I got really excited after giving her the check to pay for them.

Finally they came (it was only two days or so lol) and I couldn't wait to try them out. I had her order me a mixture that is supposed to help with muscle and joint pain. I busted that one out first and rubbed it on my knee. Within seconds the pain was lessened and I felt much more free to move around. That night I gave my little Kennedy (who hasn't been sleeping wonderfully since her ear infection) a lavender bath before bed and she zonked out instantly and slept the entire night. Last night I took a lavender and eucalyptus bath and it was so heavenly! It was like being at a spa (at least it's what I'd imagine a spa to be like since I've never been to one) because I was so relaxed and the eucalyptus cleared out my sinuses and helped me breathe better. I went to bed feeling like melted butter. Even if I only use these for the baths, they've been worth it!

But the more I think about it the more I want to buy a book on them and get some more to start using them as medicines around the house. They won't be our only source of medicine. I believe God created the over the counter drugs and prescriptions he did for a reason, but they will help and we probably won't have to take/buy those as often. So I'm pretty excited. I'm glad I decided to branch out and try something new. And there's still a whole world of essential oils to explore!


Amy said...

We just bought a whole bunch too!

Unknown said...

I love essential oils! God created all the plants and herbs they come from too!! :D I swear by them! Asher is almost a year and HAS NEVER BEEN SICK! It totally amazes me since Sam and I both have gotten sick! I just make sure to rub some On Guard on him when we're sick and he always does great! I really want to sell them!