Happy New Year!

So I didn't take a single picture of our New Years experience. I need to be fired. But here's how things went down...

New Year's Eve I worked in the morning and then came home and attempted to put Kennedy down for a nap. Two nights before that she'd been screaming her guts out at bedtime and throwing a living fit. Now she was doing it at nap time, too. I was beyond angry (two nights of crappy sleep will do that to ya) and just completely fed up with her. So my friend Marci and I packed up our girls and headed down to Ikea, hoping for a nap on the way down. It didn't happen (they did on the way back) but Marci was telling me that her little girl had just gotten over an ear infection and was doing the same things Kennedy was. Of course none of them were the standard symptoms (fever, pulling at the ear, runny nose, etc) but she's been so sick so much lately I knew something was wrong. So I listened to my motherly instincts and took her to instacare (great timing, little one, I appreciate the expensive co-pay). After a two hour wait in the waiting room with deathly ill people and another 30 minutes in the medical room, sure enough, she had an ear infection. It took about 45 minutes to get her prescriptions filled after that. I was so exhausted after all this I didn't make it till midnight on New Year's Eve. I went to bed. Cory stayed up though and played Call of Duty. I do have to say she was amazing in the waiting room. Although she was so busy and running around, she was adorable!! Everyone couldn't get enough of her and you'd never know she was sick. And she's normally pretty shy! It was hilarious.

New Year's Day started off fairly early. We had to get up to be ready in time for family pictures. We had them taken with Cory's family at Fort Douglass. It was 17 degrees and we took them outside. We froze our little butts off!! But I think they're going to turn out cute. I'm excited to see them.

Then it was the annual ice skating/lunch festivities with Cory's side of the family. We had tons of fun because ice skating was completely child free!! Yay!! We missed out on seeing a lot of family this year due to lots of illnesses. Hopefully we can see them soon. Later that night we had the cousins over at our house for a game night and junk food. Everyone had lots of fun, except Kennedy, who cried a lot after we put her to bed. Little butt. She's currently doing the same thing right now. It's been an hour and she won't just freaking go to sleep. The last few nights we've been holding her till she falls asleep. I don't want to start making that a habit so she can cry all night for all I care.

Ok so... On that note ha ha...

I was thinking this year that resolutions were kind of lame. Then I actually decided to make some. Then I told myself I wasn't going to share them because no one cares. And maybe they don't. But since I have nothing else exciting to report in my life right now, I'm going to share them anyway. They are in no order of importance. Maybe some of you cool people can help keep me on track:

•Stay in shape
•Say one thing I like about myself every day

•compose a song on the piano
•be positive
•spend less time watching tv/being on my phone
•develop my musical talents and don't hide them
•stop talking to toxic people
•be more adventurous

•stop swearing
•be more consistent with prayer/scripture study, both personal and couple
•visit teach every month
•serve more

•spend more time playing with Kennedy
•cook healthier meals
•clean a little each day instead of all on one day
•communicate better with Cory, don't bottle up feelings
•prepare more freezer meals

So there you have it. Many of those resolutions are past due anyway. I should have done them a long time ago. I'm excited for 2013. Hopefully I can accomplish some great things, have a lot of fun, and enjoy every minute with my awesome family. Sure love those two!

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