Kennedy is not a big eater. In fact, she hardly eats. She a big fan of chewing on something until it's nice a pasty and then spitting it out. That's her signature move actually. There have been many frustrating meals and a whole bunch of wasted food trying to guess what she will like each day compared to the next.

But there is one thing she consistently loves: fish. Yes, you read that correctly. My daughter loves fish. She will eat almost an entire tilapia fillet. She gobbles up salmon and tuna. Tonight I gave her clam chowder and she tasted it and very enthusiastically said "mmmm!" And opened her mouth for more. I find it strange that she loves such an odd food. But I'm glad if she's going to like anything it's something healthy and protein-packed. So now I know she will for sure eat fish, chips and salsa, and ice cream. What an odd little duck.

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